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Brian Miller, or B. Miller, is the most pedantic person at the office, which is saying something. That skill makes him great at ensuring our products support the standards, which is precisely what he spends his days doing.

Profile Recipes vs xAPI Profiles

Profile Recipes vs. xAPI Profiles

What's the difference between profile recipes and xAPI profiles? Well, they essentially serve the same purpose. The difference primarily lies in the timeline. Profile Recipes A "profile recipe" was an early attempt to make it possible for members of the xAPI community to publicly share…

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Why cmi5?

The part of the xAPI community that loves the freedom to live outside of an LMS, the vast majority of it, loves cmi5. They just don’t know it yet. This is the story of how I came back to an LMS, after having never really…

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Experience API (xAPI) Open Source Roundup

We’ve had some great contributions from the community over the last three months, and thrown in a little of our own time to push a bunch of our open source libraries and tools forward. Here’s a summary: TinCanJava - 0.7.0 Hot off the press is…

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A Big Upgrade for the Bookmarklet

The xAPI reporting bookmarklet has been around a long time, at least in terms of a now over one year old specification’s life. It was originally just a prototype, a simple way to show a pre-configured Agent could send a Statement about a readily available…

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The Sauce Behind Recipes

  // Last week we introduced the concept of a Recipe, a defined way to capture the same experience using the same set of statements across Activity Providers. This post will delve a bit further into how we got to the concept and the technical…

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TinCanPHP: Because We Could (…and we care)

Growing adoption of the Experience API is a core part of what I’m tasked to do around here. Providing high quality, easy to use, open source libraries is one of the best ways I know to do that (aside from writing blog posts, of course!).…

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Deep Dive: Attachments

As network speeds and the processing power of devices improves, the size of the files we use to capture our experiences, be they photos or other graphics, videos, or complex documents, increases. We need a way to associate these ever-growing files with the metadata capturing…

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Webinar Q&A Follow Up: Anatomy of a xAPI Statement

A little over a month ago I presented the "Anatomy of a xAPI Statement" webinar as follow up to our continuing Deep Dive series of blog posts. Despite some Q&A time at the end, I didn't have a chance to answer all the questions, here…

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Deep Dive: Extensions

Several times throughout the Deep Dive series I’ve mentioned “catch all” objects and a future post — here it is. The framers of the Experience API specification knew that the overall structure of a statement, particularly with its oft mentioned Actor-Verb-Object pattern, could capture a…

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