• What is cmi5?

    cmi5 is an xAPI Profile that bridges the SCORM and xAPI divide by defining interoperability rules, including launch, authorization, reporting and course structure, that inform how an LMS and xAPI-enabled learning activities communicate with each other. Essentially, cmi5 = xAPI + LMS.

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  • What are the benefits?

    cmi5 focuses on being more extensible, robust and adaptable to today’s modern technologies than the legacy SCORM standard, including having all the xAPI benefits, tracking newer technologies, maintaining compatibility and allowing for content to reside anywhere.

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  • What are the technical details?

    The specification uses xAPI as the communication and data layer and implements controlled vocabularies for plug and play interoperability across systems. Want to dive deeper based on your role? View the technical overview for content professionals or for systems professionals

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Accelerating the adoption of xAPI and cmi5

Since cmi5’s 2016 release, there have been missing pieces slowing adoption. From development to procurement, tools were needed to support adoption. Most importantly, there wasn’t an authoritative source or governance of the specification. cmi5 CATAPULT aims to change all that.

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