The Experience API lets you record self-directed learning experiences, such as reading a web page.

The xAPI Bookmarklet is a simple tool that shows a little bit of that power. A bookmarklet is a simple application that runs inside of a standard internet browser bookmark. The Experience API bookmarklet lets you record any webpage that you “experience” to an LRS. The new bookmarklet has the added ability to select a different verb, rate likelihood of return visits, and assign tags to the statement.

Here are the steps to get going:

  1. Use the generator below to generate your own personal “xAPI Reporter” (it will just look like a link), then add the bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmarks (or bookmark toolbar). The easiest way to do this is to just drag the link to your bookmarks bar.
  2. After the bookmarklet has been added to your browser’s bookmarks, go to a web page, any web page, and click the “xAPI Reporter” in your bookmark menu or toolbar.
  3. Once the statement reporter appears, a preview of the statement is shown at the bottom of the display. You can send a simple statement or a customized statement:
    • For a simple statement, simply click “Send Statement.”
    • For a customized statement, complete the optional fields and click “Send Statement.”
  4. Visit your LRS and see the statements that have been generated.