Experience API Prototypes

There are a few ways to work with the xAPI prototypes:

  • Work with our activity samples live on our site and see them generate statements.
  • Download our prototypes and run them locally on your machine or on a webserver, sending statements to your LRS.
  • Need an LRS? Go here to check out some options, including a free LRS available in SCORM Cloud.
  • Use your own activities/content to send xAPI statements to your LRS.

Which would you like to do?

Rustici Software LRSs

At Rustici Software, we offer two options when it comes to LRSs. Not sure which one is right for you? Reach out to us.

  • Rustici LRS

    Rustici LRS is a locally-installed, on premised LRS that can be integrated with an existing learning platform.

    Learn more
  • SCORM Cloud

    SCORM Cloud includes a free, cloud-based LRS with basic functionality. It’s a great place to get started with your first xAPI project.

    Learn more

Questions? Ask us anything.

At Rustici Software, we help hundreds of people each month with their xAPI questions. Many aren’t sales prospects; they just have questions. We’re happy to help. You can ask us anything ‒ really.