• AEL Data
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    AEL Data

    AEL Data is a company that offers e-book reading and learning solutions for mobile and web platforms. These solutions are developed in compliance with international standards and norms such as ePub2, ePub3, SCORM and the Experience API as per client requirements. They have developed content, and also reader applications for online and offline reading/learning with DRM(Content Security), in compliance with the Experience API for Educational Management Companies, Educational Publishers and Educational Institutions.

    AEL Data
  • Agylia


    The Agylia LMS is a powerful learning platform with mobile, social and microlearning features that fully support the latest Experience API (xAPI) standard. The Agylia LMS has an in-built Learning Record Store (LRD) that supports xAPI. This opens up a wide range of offline mobile learning scenarios. Learning content can be consumed online via the Agylia LMS’s browser, or it can be delivered to the range of Agylia mobile learning Apps – available for iOS and Android devices – for offline consumption. When the App user is offline, xAPI statements are cached locally and then resent to the LRS (Agylia LMS) when connectivity is re-established.

  • Ahamojo


    Beijing Aha Cloud Educational Technology is a company that provides blended learning solutions for governments, enterprises and educational organizations in China. The core of our blended learning solutions relies on ahamojo.com, a pioneering SaaS based LMS which fully implements xAPI/CMI-5 specifications. Ahamojo.com is a complex distributed system comprised of LCMS, LRS and LMS, with xAPI to glue them together. Inspired from software development processes, our application provides an easy to use educational resources editing and distributing environment featured with version control and agile methodologies to advocate for collaborative authoring and resources sharing. We believe that xAPI/CMI-5 is the catalyst to promote open educational resources sharing.

  • Aptara
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    For our current project we are using Articulate Storyline tool to publish the xAPI compliant courses in our online course, The Experience API allows an activity to be defined within the tincan.xml file or directly within a statement. Articulate defines activities in the tincan.xml file. For upcoming projects we will be using Experience API very extensively. Here are the core feature of the course we are targeting to achieve using Experience API: tracking user performance in mobile applications, platform transition (start e-learning on a mobile device, finish it on a computer), tracking learning plans and goals, group learning tracking and collaboration/social media. As it is not dependent on the LMS, so will be using LRS technique to store data, we will be using web-services to transform data to any devices.

  • Aquafadas
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    Aquafadas is a leading provider of digital publishing software covering all aspects from authoring to distribution of digital documents in mobile apps and on the web. Users can build rich content using a dedicated plugin for InDesign or through a full featured platform in the cloud. Aquafadas caters to different customer needs, from magazines and book publishers to corporation and educational institutions. Aquafadas is adding the xAPI communication layer to a growing numbers of its widgets starting with the new assessment modules and continuing with their video, audio and games modules. The apps built using the Aquafadas tools, on Android, iOS or on the web, integrate a TinCan enabled document reader. Every widget in the document gets instantly connected to a xAPI endpoint that is retrieved efficiently when using the app online. When run offline, all xAPI statements are saved for submission at a later date. Aquafadas is further enhancing its support for xAPI by extending its application back-office to meet the needs of academic book publishers

  • Articulate
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    Articulate has added the capability to create xAPI-enabled e-learning courses using their Storyline and Presenter products.

  • Aura Interactiva
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    Aura Interactiva

    Aura Interactiva use xAPI to enable users to track the learning activities created using SHIFT with an LRS, instead of an LMS. The content is able to communicate to a specified LRS, and send progress, completion status and scoring statements. Also, when using xAPI, the courses can run offline or in mobile devices, and report asynchronously to the server.

    Aura Interactiva
  • Aurion Learning
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    Aurion Learning

    Aurion Learning is an award-winning eLearning company that develops custom and blended learning solutions for public and private sector organisations. We are focused on learning that works and can deliver xAPI compliant eLearning programmes based upon client requirements through a number of xAPI compliant authoring tools and learning management systems.

    Aurion Learning
  • Axcelerate
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    aXcelerate is a cloud-based training and learning management system which offers training organisations and enterprises the ability to manage a range of blended learning offerings for both non-accredited and competency-based programs. aXcelerate also incorporates workflow automations, integrations with other business systems via a REST API and powerful ad-hoc reporting tools for tracking key learning and business metrics. aXcelerate integrates with the Experience API to facilitate the capture of formal/informal learning activities that can be mapped to accredited outcomes.

  • Bealink
  • Birch
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    Birch by B Online Learning: A unique, holistic learning platform that adapts to your organization’s needs. With unmatched flexibility, simple management and an intuitive user experience, Birch will bring out your people’s natural talent for learning. Feature rich and built to be connected, for Extended Enterprise, with  built-in certified xAPI/LRS/Scorm standards, Interactive Dashboards, Actionable Reporting, Automated workflows, Cloud/SaaS offering, Responsive, Scalable and truly secure with reporting and analytics data delivered your way. Birch has been built with flexibility at its core. With an innovative, agile framework, you can choose how you work with Birch, selecting what you need and enjoying the ongoing value of a system that evolves with you. Our innovative end-to-end solution is built from the ground up. That means no cumbersome add-ons and no legacy challenges. That’s why Birch is different. Birch is simple and intuitive to set up, administer, manage and maintain. Birch is designed for everyone – learners, administrators, managers and trainers.

    Birch by B Online Learning
  • Blackboard
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    Blackboard is adding xAPI support to its Learn platform so users can import, launch and report on xAPI content.

    BLX better learning experience


    The BLX LCMS is a Content Authoring and a Content Management Tool. The BLX LCMS is based on the Open Source Enterprise CMS Typo3 with the H5P rich content ecosystem integrated. The LCMS is used to author digital learning units (AUs). The AUs can be referenced and launched from the LMS through respective cmi5.xml files imported to the LMS. A broad range of events, covering interactions with CMS related components like pages or content elements, with Videos or H5P rich content elements, can be tracked as cmi5 Statements.

  • Bottom Line Performance
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    Bottom Line Performance

    Bottom-Line Performance designs and develops learning solutions – mobile learning, games, apps, elearning and more. BLP has integrated Experience API into its Knowledge Guru™ learning game engine and has created a comprehensive reporting interface for visualizing xAPI statements.

    Bottom Line Performance
  • Brainier
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    Brainier is adding xAPI support to the Elan platform so users can import, launch and report on xAPI content.

  • BrandLX
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    BrandLX is a next generation mobile learning platform that combines a learning management system (LMS) with a full-featured loyalty and rewards platform. Our cloud-based product includes course authoring tools and a built-in LRS that records and reports user activities and rewards as xAPI xAPI statements. Together these tools provide trainers and marketers with a unified system to create, manage and market their ‘branded learning experiences’.

  • Bright by Aura Software
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    Bright by Aura Software

    Bright by Aura Software is an eLearning platform that enables pre-existing applications and frameworks like WordPress, Drupal, .NET, or Java to embed LMS-type functionality. In addition to supporting xAPI and cmi5 courses powered by SCORM Cloud, Bright crawls xAPI statements from the course LRS to provide reporting and source data for customer business rules.

    Bright by Aura Software
  • Brightcookie
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    Brightcookie is a learning development and educational technology company helping corporate, government and educational organisations improve their performance through customised elearning solutions. Brightcookie has added xAPI to their elearning solutions and offers services in consulting, development and implementation of Social Learning, Enterprise Learning and Mobile Learning solutions based on xAPI specifications.

  • Brightwave
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    Brightwave is using the Experience API to allow learners to capture and share experiences from any source for ongoing personal reference and wider use within their teams or tessello community.

  • Brillium
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    Brillium Inc. makes an authoring, delivery, and result analysis software called the Brillium Platform (formerly Testcraft). Our software is able to collect data from large groups of people, deliver content, and administer tests, exams, certifications, and surveys. An important feature is the ability to send learner completions and scored pass/fail results of assessments to an LRS via the Experience API/Experience API.

  • BrindleWaye
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    The Design a Course LMS includes xAPI support to both play and track xAPI content, and as a standalone LRS reporting tool.

  • Captivate
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    Adobe®, Captivate® (7+) includes support for Experience API 1.0 along with SCORM and AICC publishing options. Users can build the content that suits their needs from HTML5 to streaming YouTube videos and in-course web browsing. With the addition of xAPI support, courses created with Captivate can now be exported as xAPI packages to work in any LMS that has xAPI support.

    Adobe Captivate
  • Catholic Relief Services
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    Catholic Relief Services

    People train for emergencies. When one happens, they use that training. When the emergency is over, there is a debriefing, to look back on the process and see how well the relief effort went. Watershed LRS allows Catholic Relief Services (CRS) to directly connect the effectiveness of the pre-emergency training to the actual relief effort, and measure what led to its success. CRS is using Articulate Storyline to create some of their training. Storyline is already xAPI conformant, which lets us take a jump forward in work. They’re also now capturing facilitators’ observations during face-to-face training, which wasn’t trackable before introducing Watershed. The real value comes in correlating the different types of training to the actual results of their relief efforts. Getting insights into those correlations can directly affect CRS’ core objectives.

    Catholic Relief Services
  • CenarioVR
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    CenarioVR published content is natively xAPI, and tracks all learner activity via embedded xAPI statements. The content author does not need to add anything to enable xAPI within CenarioVR. All student interactions with the VR scenario, regardless of whether the content is taken in a web browser or a VR headset, generates xAPI statements which are sent to the LRS within CenarioVR, and reported on via the xAPI Analytics package built into CenarioVR as well.

    Content can also be published as xAPI or cmi5, and hosted on LMS’s that support those protocols, and the same data will be tracked and reported there as well.

  • Clarity Consultants
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    Clarity Consultants

    Clarity Consultants is a leading provider of Learning and Development consultants to the Fortune 1000. They focus exclusively on instructional design, facilitation, e-learning, project management, and specialized learning and development consultation. Knowledge and implementation experience with xAPI has become a commonly requested skill of their consultant network. They are constantly striving for more effective ways to measure results of the various learning initiatives they implement and xAPI is playing an ever expanding role in that.

    Clarity Consultants
  • CLD
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    For over thirty years, CLD has provided their pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device clients with customized training solutions. By focusing on the right combination of learning, creativity, and technology, CLD creates effective training programs to meet the complex knowledge needs of trainers and learners in today’s competitive life sciences’ landscape. CLD is aggressively incorporating xAPI into many of their learning solutions. For example, by enabling their PI and Clinical Reprint App to generate xAPI statements, clients are provided with actionable and detailed insight into their sales reps’ use of the tool. With xAPI, CLD can track and report on an almost unlimited amount of activities or interactions. This includes tracking annotations and specific responses to Knowledge Self-Checks. Sales reps can even be timed on their ability to find the right reference in a reprint or PI in response to a mock physician objection.

  • Clear Learning Systems
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    Clear Learning Systems

    Clear Learning Systems uses xAPI technology and its LRS to improve reporting, increase accessibility of content and highlight the real benefits of training for business. Clear offers an LRS, SCORM wrapper, various LMS plug-ins as well as content development services.

    Clear Learning Systems
  • Cloud Studio
    web aula cloud studio image

    Cloud Studio

    Cloud Studio authoring tool courses can be published in either Flash or HTML5 with SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 or Experience API tracking.

    Cloud Studio
  • Cognitive Advisors
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    Cognitive Advisors

    Cognitive Advisors provides the TREK Learning Experience Manager software, which was built from the ground up on xAPI to capture, manage and track experiential and informal learning. Cognitive Advisors also offers learning strategy and learning experience design consulting. We help you apply Cognitive Apprenticeship principles and technology to integrate 70:20:10 (experiential, informal, and formal learning) to optimize the path to top-notch performance.

    Cognitive Advisors
  • CommLab India
    CommLab logo

    CommLab India

    CommLab India LLP is a leading custom eLearning solutions provider developing state-of-the-art eLearning services to organizations across the world. CommLab India specializes in developing industry-specific training solutions particularly in verticals such as Pharmaceuticals & Health care sector, High-Tech & IT Sector, Finance & Insurance Sector and Energy & Manufacturing Sector. CommLab India has carefully studied Experience API features and updates that have been developed to overcome the limitations of SCORM standards and have started to implement the same in one of their courses and tested it successfully in cloud LRS for correct tracking and statements.

    CommLab India
  • Composica
    composica logo


    Composica’s cloud-based, collaborative authoring platform can publish its HTML 5 content as xAPI (xAPI), SCORM, Web, Exe and PDF packages. Published courses can be accessed from any device on any platform. Authors, designers and SMEs have absolute creative freedom, and the ability to work together to compose highly customizable, interactive courses, quizzes and games.

  • Content Controller

    Content Controller

    Content Controller is a web-based application that lets you centrally host your content and seamlessly deliver it to hundreds of LMSs. Say goodbye to deployment struggles and cumbersome manual distribution. Say hello to automatically updating versions, enforcing content licenses, capturing course analytics and easily managing multiple languages. It’s a whole new world.

    Content Controller
  • Coracle
    coracle logo


    Coracle uses the Experience API at the core of their myCoracle Learning Line LRS/LMS platform. With a background in designing accredited learning programmes, Coracle work with not-for-profits, professional bodies, institutes and companies to produce mobile/tablet/PC optimised courses that promote open and social learning.

  • Courseometer


    Coursometer is the service of training analytics. It is aimed at collecting, storing and structuring data for every learner’s activity within the course. End user receives statistics in the form of report. Coursometer uses TinCanAPI (xAPI) standard which is able to integrate any distance learning system by tracking and recording all types of learner’s activities. Information about all the activities is stored in the Learning Record Store (LRS). Training course transmits and receives data from LRS in the form of statement which is a prescribed data format containing all the details about user activities within the course. Our main goal in Coursometer is to help HR specialists and course web-developers to simplify training evaluation process taking into account students behaviour and results. We have been successfully working on this goal since 2016. Coursometer Headquarters is in Moscow, Russia.

  • Curatr
    Curatr LXP Logo


    Curatr is an online platform that enables instructors to transform any digital content into a social game for learning. The Experience API forms a core part of their platform, enabling enhanced tracking and personalisation features to report back advanced usage data seamlessly to any xAPI enabled LRS or LMS.



    CYBER RANGES is the widely used next-generation cyber range platform by Silensec that features:

    • A pre-loaded library of ready-to-run simulation scenarios
    • Comprehensive user management and integration with xAPI-compliant learning management systems
    • One-click creation, re-purposing and delivery of hands-on simulation scenarios
    • Easy-to-set, easy-to-run assessment tests and exams against several criteria, incl. Competency Frameworks
    • One-click creation of multi-user events such as CTFs, cyber exercises, Red team vs Blue team and much more
    • Access to reporting, scoring tools and user-engagement data.


    CYPHER LEARNING is a top provider of learning platforms. World-class companies are reshaping learning with CYPHER LEARNING. CYPHER has three products: NEO LMS for Schools and Universities, MATRIX LMS for Business, and INDIE LMS for Entrepreneurs. CYPHER LEARNING is currently the only company that offers learning platforms in all major e-learning sectors: academic, corporate, and individuals. Our xAPI integration allows users to create statements (learning experiences) in our platforms, which are later saved in your preferred LRS. You can connect our LMS products to an LRS, then start creating statements made from actors, verbs, and objects. All learning events are stored as statements in the LRS. The xAPI integration is linked to our automation feature, so xAPI statements can be added everywhere in our platforms where automation is enabled. For example, you can invoke an xAPI when creating new accounts, when students finish classes, lessons, assessments, learning paths, etc. You can also invoke an xAPI when students achieve a certain score or drop below a certain level on competencies.

  • datango
    datango logo


    The authoring tool “datango creator” is a software for simulations and also has “classic” learning that includes the xAPI & cmi5 part as well as an performance support tool that utilizes the collaboration platform to communicate learning statements.

  • DeltaNet International
    DeltaNet International logo

    DeltaNet International

    Astute by DeltaNet International is a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) which means it uses data-backed AI to make personalized learning recommendations for your employees. It is an online, cloud-based platform giving you the flexibility to access your eLearning whenever and wherever you need to. It’s data-driven design uses xAPI to track and address your employees’ gaps in knowledge that could put your organization at risk.

    Astute by DeltaNet International
  • Designing Digitally, Inc.
    designing digitally logo

    Designing Digitally, Inc.

    Designing Digitally, Inc. develops custom learning experiences that are fully integrated with xAPI and communicate with a multitude of different LRS systems. Each project is tailored to the learning needs of the corporation that is being served. With over two decades of experience in developing custom learning experiences, they can create any learning experience with xAPI and support any LRS integration.

    Designing Digitally, Inc.
  • Devereux
    devereux logo


    Devereux is a leading non-profit behavioral healthcare organization that provides services for individuals with emotional, developmental & educational disabilities. They want to improve treatment outcomes for individuals served by enhancing employee performance. Watershed allows this by tracking the experiences that happen to employees during training as well as during performance monitoring on-the-job, and correlating that experience data to the real-world outcomes of individuals served. Watershed is going to allow Devereux to more thoroughly research the relationships between skills training plus performance monitoring and treatment outcomes.

  • Digital Knowledge
    digital knowledge logo

    Digital Knowledge

    Digital Knowledge is leading the way with the Experience API in Japan with the KnowledgeDeliver LMS. KnowledgeDeliver is a full featured LMS that provides support for both SCORM and Experience API standards.

    Digital Knowledge
  • Digitalchalk
    Digital chalk logo


    At DigitalChalk we believe in a revolution where every employee and student can learn and easily access educational materials. Our LMS empowers organizations to deliver more meaningful and engaging content. DigitalChalk provides you with a centralized LMS solution that offers regulatory and compliance tools built in. Educate your entire workforce or develop e-commerce solutions, DigitalChalk offers flexible and affordable learning for any organization. DigitalChalk has fully embraced xAPI allowing customers to choose the LRS of their choice and sending statements for all learner activities through the LMS. DigitalChalk has not limited the support to only xAPI packages, but has also implemented xAPI for video, files, tests, surveys, games and much more.

    DigitalChalk - xAPI Interview
  • Docebo
    docebo logo


    Docebo Cloud is a web-based Learning Management System delivered “as a service” that can be deployed in the Cloud without any downloads or updates required. Designed to be flexible, easy-to-use and feature-rich, Docebo Cloud is already supporting the Experience API. Their Cloud LMS is able to receive xAPI statements through its built-in LRS, but users can also upload their own xAPI packages inside the LMS, and use them in order to explore the opportunities offered by this awesome rising standard. Docebo is steadily focused on integrating its LMS with technologies able to make e-learning simpler and more accessible to businesses of any kind and size.

  • dominKnow
    dominKnow Platform: Claro, Flow, Capture – a cloud based collaborative authoring solution supporting fully responsive HTML5 content


    dominKnow has long been a proponent of learning technologies specifications and the benefits they bring to both content creators and content consumers alike. We see the Experience API as an important evolution in the space, and it’s for this reason we continue to adopt it for our growing suite of eLearning content management and authoring products.

  • e-ABC
    e abc logo


    e-ABC was one of the first companies to adopt the SCORM specification, and now an early adopter of the Experience API. They develop courses with their proprietary engine, ELMO: e-ABC Learning Motor, which now includes xAPI support. Their customers will now be able to take full advantage of the control and flexibility the Experience API enables.

  • e-teach
    e-teach logo


    e-teach is a company that designs and develops effective e-learning solutions focused on motivation and new gamified approaches to engage learners and transmit knowledge. e-teach has developed Challenge Monitor™, a challenge platform which allows the proposal of online challenges about different themes that our customers want to promote or get their audiences to discover. It offers a gamified and more interactive kind of training by bringing out the competitive side of your audiences.

  • Easygenerator
    easygenerator logo


    Easygenerator has enabled all of their e-learning authoring tools with the Experience API (xAPI). This allows tracking and tracing of all learners’ data into any LRS. They’ve even made it possible to combine xAPI with a SCORM course, allowing you to have your ‘old’ tracking and tracing data, while building the new Experience API data.

  • EdApp
    EdApp logo


    EdApp provides the tools to rapidly create, share and track highly engaging, bespoke microlearning. EdApp’s integrated LMS platform offers compatibility and standard options (xAPI, SCORM).

  • edTotal
    ed total logo


    The edTotal Learning Record Store is a learning and activity record repository which tracks activities and reports activities from any device. Your organization and your partners:

    • Are better trained and prepared
    • Are more knowledgeable
    • Perform with greater accuracy
    • Respond faster
    • Operate more safely
  • Eduter
    eduter logo


    Eduter Institute was created in early 2006 in Dijon to bring together all the various teams who had already been working for a long time on research, training, teaching resources and providing services in the agricultural education sector. Joined by the CNPR of Clermont-Ferrand in 2008, Eduter is now part of AgroSup Dijon, a higher education institution which is under the authority of two French Ministries: the Ministry of Higher Education & Research and the Ministry of Food, Agriculture & Fisheries. Eduter also includes Educagri Editions, a library of educational resources, EducagriNet online resource library and Eduter Ingenierie, an educational engineering research center.

  • eFront
    efront logo


    eFront is a multiple award-winning LMS bundled with key enterprise functionality ranging from branch management to tailor-made reports. eFront is being trusted from more than 500 companies worldwide and has a partner network in 25 countries. eFront believes that xAPI is a crucial step towards the right direction, enabling tracking and reporting of learning activities on any device or learning scenario. As a company, they are steadily focused on integrating the most recent e-learning standards and web technologies. Epignosis Ltd, vendor of eFront and TalentLMS, was founded in November 2003 as part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, StartTech Ventures.

  • eHabilis
    ehabilis logo


    eHabilis is a set of applications designed to modernize organizations’ training process. Much more than an LMS, it’s a set of technologically advanced solutions (LMS, social network, content manager and authoring tool) dedicated to improve corporate knowledge and to measure and develop employees’ personal and professional skills.

  • eLearning Company
    e learning company logo

    eLearning Company

    eLearning Company develops custom learning solutions for businesses, educational institutions, and public administrations nationwide. The company produces eLearning courses that feature advanced learning interactions, complex scenarios, varying learning materials, along with custom tracking and reporting of progress and learning outcomes. The eLearning Company team leverages cutting edge technology and modern adult learning theories to develop award winning learning products.

    eLearning Company develops custom learning products that are often required to track multiple performance metrics for each unique learner. xAPI has been instrumental in enabling eLearning Company to deliver the learning products that can track and report any of the required performance metrics, learning outcomes, events, and interactions. This allows its clients to be able to track and analyze the training data, as well as use this data to improve their learning processes and business outcomes.

    eLearning Company
  • eLearning Studios
    Elearning studios logo

    eLearning Studios

    eLearning Studios is a one-stop shop for eLearning that specialises in creating the right blend of bespoke solutions for their clients, from traditional eLearning through to virtual reality. They create completely immersive Virtual Reality Learning Simulations (VRLS) and engaging serious games that leverage the powerful Experience API to track not only traditional learning objectives, but also nuanced situational and advanced learner data which can be sent to a multitude of LRSs. eLearning Studios is committed to exploring innovative learning technologies and techniques to benefit the learner – because they believe the future belongs to the curious.

    eLearning Studios
  • Elli
    Learning Evolution logo


    Elli is not your average LMS or Learning Portal. Elli is a digital curation and performance training management tool that supports online and offline download and play via mobile app. Elli is a customized hosted learning platform that allows anyone to easily manage and deliver SCORM or xAPI (via SCORM Cloud API) compliant packages and content for organization.

    Learning Evolution
  • eLogic Learning
    eLogic Learning Logo

    eLogic Learning

    eSSential LMS provides its 150+ clients and 11 million users with a sophisticated, user-friendly, and fully-customizable learning environment that can exist either in the cloud or on-site. As part of eLogic Learning’s commitment to meeting client needs, eSSential LMS is fully compliant with xAPI specifications. eLogic Learning uses the Rustici engine for all SCORM, AICC, and xAPI needs, and has also partnered with Watershed to use its integrated LRS for data-storage.

    eLogic Learning
  • Elucidat
    elucidat logo


    Elucidat Empowers teams to quickly develop enterprise-grade Elearning. Enterprise teams use our simple authoring tool to speed up Elearning development. You can create more effective courses in less time with Elucidat and track your learners direct to your xAPI LRSs without an LMS!

  • Enovation
    Enovation Logo


    As Moodle and Totara LMS providers, Enovation have been creating dynamic online learning, compliance, performance and talent management solutions since 2000. They provide content using Articulate 360 and export as xAPI when required by clients.

  • Enterprise Knowledge
    Enterprise Knowledge logo

    Enterprise Knowledge

    Enterprise Knowledge (EK) is regarded as one of the world’s foremost expert consultancies in technology-enabled Knowledge Management, helping organizations build technical systems which improve the findability and discoverability of the information they need to improve job performance. Our expert consultants apply a learner-centered approach to analyzing tasks and crafting the best content and systems to deliver microlearning and social learning to your team. EK has incorporated xAPI to our technical service offerings to enable the capture of activity statements about informal and social learning interactions such as engaging in discussion in a community of learning or watching a short instructional video. EK has also developed interactive data dashboards to surface the activity stored in our system’s LRS and empower data-driven decision making for ongoing content and system enhancements.

    Enterprise Knowledge
  • Enterprise Study LMS
    enterprise study logo

    Enterprise Study LMS

    Enterprise Study develop and deliver SaaS technology and formulate, manage, and analyse training, learning, compliance and continuous capability management. Our LMS and Training Administration solutions are used by large multi-nationals managing their employee talent and compliance to training organisations procuring learning solutions to their customer base. Utilising assessments, coaching, supervisions and policy management alongside traditional and e-learning creates a truly blended solution. Our integration with the Experience API enables clients and users to minimise training through assessment and knowledge retention activities.

    Enterprise Study
  • eThink Education
    eThink Logo

    eThink Education

    eThink is the largest Moodle Partner in North American and a Platinum Totara Partner. Both Moodle and Totara by eThink Education can both import, launch and report on xAPI content as well as stream xAPI statements to any standard LRS.

    eThink Education
  • eXact learning solutions
    exact logo

    eXact learning solutions

    eXact learning solutions is a leading provider in the field of standard based Digital Learning Content Management solutions. Its suite of applications includes:

    • a robust, multi-domain and multi-user Learning Content Management System (eXact learning LCMS)
    • a professional authoring environment to create, index, reuse, organize and package learning objects and courses in multiple format (eXact learning Packager and Online Editor) allowing collaborative, workflow-based single-source multiple output publishing scenarios.
    • tools to create, manage, issue and track content for mobile devices (eXact learning Mobile).
    eXact learning solutions
  • EXAM Builder
    exambuilder logo

    EXAM Builder

    Exam Builder has integrated the Experience API with their online test creation application, Exam Builder. This application can issue xAPI statements to one or more Learning Record Stores.

    Exam Builder
  • Examination Online

    Examination Online

    Examination Online builds and develops custom learning solutions for businesses across verticals. We design & build LMSs the way clients want it to be (completely bespoke), be it for features, images, content, or UX/UI. An existing code base makes it easy to customize the LMS to the T. Seamless integration with CMSs, Payment Gateways, Salesforce, Sharepoint, and content authoring tools et al. The goal is to bring everything to the LMS and keep it aligned, even data from legacy software. This not only aids effective reporting but helps clients generate interactive dashboards too. The best part, no monthly/recurring fees. The ownership of platform is transferred for a one-time license fee so there are no expensive yearly contracts.Ours is custom development shop. We closely work with xAPI and swear by its simple integration and interoperability among the systems. We partner with xAPI so that training departments & companies can track & understand learner activity both online & offline. We connect xAPI with custom solutions, and other experiential environments.

    Examination Online
  • Experio
    experio logo


    Realthink is developing Experio, a new innovative web application that uses xAPI and OpenBadge technologies to enable organizations to extend learning environments beyond the traditional boundaries of e-learning.

  • Exputo
    exputo logo


    Exputo provides learning platform and content solutions. We are often called the “go-to-guys/gals” with the ability and foresight to solve problems in a creative and cost-effective way. Our motto is “Never stop learning.” When xAPI (xAPI) began gaining traction we jumped at the opportunity to implement it in our projects. The ability to cross-reference performance metrics with training events continue to energize our clients.

  • Filtered


    Filtered is an award-winning, Shoreditch-based company, focused on using technology to personalize learning for the world’s knowledge workers. magpie is the world’s first intelligent learning recommendation engine. National brands such as Royal Mail, NHS, Trinity Mirror, Barnardo’s and many more use it to launch learning anywhere from a single dashboard and connect learners with high-quality resources: their own in-house creations, off-the-shelf libraries as well as public domain content. Since its inception Filtered has served almost 1 million consumers and a growing list of multinational businesses.

  • Flipick
    Flipick logo


    Flipick provides self-paced learning services that can be used by students, universities and corporations. These modules can use 2D/3D animations and case studies, HTML/CSS3 simulations as well as mock assessments to gain and support deeper conceptual learning. Each step of the learning plan is tracked through the Experience API, and reports can be gained to see how the student is progressing.

  • Float
    float logo


    Float designs and builds xAPI enabled learning and performance solutions for the enterprise. We use a human-centered design process and agile development to create award-winning products and services.

  • FocalCXM’s StoryPulse
    focal CXM logo

    FocalCXM’s StoryPulse

    FocalCXM’s StoryPulse is an Enterprise Grade Assessment Platform. It leverages Games and Gamification mechanics to make assessments and interactions with content fun and engaging on all form factors. From an Analytics perspective, it uses xAPI/Experience API standard to track and analyze user experiences on the platform. We support writing to our own xAPI based Learning Record Store (LRS) running on MongoDB or the customer’s LRS. All the capabilities are HTML 5 based to allow for common experiences, and the platform can work in both offline and online modes. FocalCXM is adding xAPI to its non-learning CRM based solutions to collect and learn user experiences in order to continually improve the capabilities of all of our products. FocalCXM also offers Product Development Consulting Services for customers who want to build custom and high-end content, CRM solutions, and user experience capabilities using xAPI.

    FocalCXM's StoryPulse
  • Formagri
    formagri logo


    Formagri is an Open Source LMS established in 2002 under the auspices of the D.G.E.R. of the French Ministry of Agriculture within Eduter Institute, provider tools department of AgroSupDijon. It is designed for medium-sized institutions such as high schools or businesses and supports SCORM, AICC and xAPI (xAPI) content. Formagri includes an LRS which can display interaction data, statements and progress reports to its own students as well as authorised external customers.

  • Gamelearn
    Gamelearn logo


    Gamelearn is a game-based learning company. They offer a catalog, an LMS and an authoring tool, to train your company with soft skills. Gamelearn’s SaaS LMS platform uses xAPI/cmi5 specifications as they believe that xAPI/cmi5 is the best standard to promote open corporate training.

  • GingerApp
    ginger app logo


    GingerApp Company has developed its own LRS in Japan and started the service in conjunction with its LMS “eLearning Manager Z” such as LMS tracking data to LRS, or detail tracking report of video contents and so on. GingerApp is providing consultation and solutions for the needs of a variety of learning / training / performance tracking of big companies in Japan.

  • Glasshouse
    glasshouse logo


    Glasshouse is an HTML5 responsive cloud-based tool for building learning experiences. Sprout Labs uses Glasshouse to build sophisticated and effective blended learning programs that clients can then update and maintain.

  • gomo Learning
    gomo logo

    gomo Learning

    gomo provides two great products that enable you to create, host, update, distribute and track beautiful multi-device eLearning. gomo authoring creates truly responsive and adaptive HTML5 content that looks perfect on all devices, including desktops, tablets and smartphones. gomo hosting and analytics allows you to get content into the hands of learners instantly, via websites, direct link, QR code, the gomo LMS wrapper, social media, the gomo central mobile learning app and more – all with full xAPI analytics.

    With an ever-growing client base including Nike, Jaguar Land Rover, Booking.com, EE, Royal Mail Group, Santander, British Airways, Shell, Rentokil Initial, United Healthcare, the BBC, Norton Healthcare and many more, gomo is quickly becoming the established choice for global organizations seeking collaborative, future-proof and responsive HTML5 multi-device eLearning.

  • Grassblade LRS
    grass blade logo

    Grassblade LRS

    GrassBlade LRS is an affordable, easy to use Learning Record Store that can be installed on your own server. With powerful integrations, robust build and economical pricing its a great choice for beginners and enterprises alike. It provides advanced integrations with products like GrassBlade xAPI Companion, and LearnDash to get you up and running with Experience API on WordPress as well.

    GrassBlade LRS
  • Growth Engineering
    Growth engineering logo

    Growth Engineering

    Are you ready to turn your team into learning superheroes? Growth Engineering wages war on dull online learning by crafting fun, effective, learner-focused experiences that engage, delight and transform behaviour! As the Learning Provider of the Year for 2016, our multi-award winning Academy Learning Management System and Genie Game-based Content Authoring Tool provide engaging learning experiences for tens of thousands of learners across the globe. Genie is the world’s most advanced game-based learning creation tool! It’s built to create the kind of content that will leave your learners giddy with excitement. It’s time to answer your learners’ wishes by creating full-fledged game-based learning experiences that super-charge engagement levels, encourage repeat plays and drive real behaviour change. All Genie games can be exported as SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 or xAPI compliant files and uploaded to a learning platform of your choice.

    Growth Engineering
  • Guroo Producer
    guroo producer logo

    Guroo Producer

    Guroo Producer delivers immersive, self-paced, blended, and work-integrated adaptive learning. Producer is our top-to-bottom collaborative learning design and production platform – supporting teams to produce blended and digital learning solutions that achieve genuine outcomes. All our digital learning experiences can be packaged and published as either xAPI, SCORM 1.2, or SCORM + xAPI (so that you can deliver your learning on a SCORM compliant LMS and send xAPI data to an LRS simultaneously).

    Guroo Producer
  • Gyrus
    gyrus logo


    Gyrus Systems has earned its reputation as a seasoned Learning Management System (LMS) vendor by providing excellent market-driven learning management products and outstanding customer service for over 25 years. Gyrus Systems has designed, developed, and deployed four generations of successful LMS products at 450+ customer sites in 15 countries. Gyrus System has integrated the Experience API into its GyrusAim LMS so users can import, launch and report on xAPI content. The soon-to-be-released 5th generation of GyrusAim will extend Experience API potential even more with the inclusion of important features such as social content and more.

  • H5P
    H5p logo


    A global initiative and web-based authoring tool to create, share and reuse “templates” for interactive content. A rapidly growing number of templates are available like Interactive Videos, Course presentations and numerous questions types. Both the content, it’s functionality and it’s design may be easily moved from website to website. H5P records the user’s actions and experiences available as xAPI statements which the publishing platform can retrieve and send on to an LRS.

  • Happmobi
    Happmobi logo


    Happmobi is a Brazilian startup and offers complete solutions for the development of content for distance education, accompanying the whole life cycle of an online educational project: from consulting and surveying of needs, through project management and content development, until the final delivery, contemplating solutions with programming HTML5, SCORM, AICC and TIN CAN (xAPI). Happmobi is a Brazilian startup and offers complete solutions for the development of content for distance education, accompanying the whole life cycle of an online educational project: from consulting and surveying of needs, through project management and content development, until the final delivery, contemplating solutions with programming HTML5, SCORM, AICC and TIN CAN (xAPI).

  • HiHaHo
    hihaho logo


    HiHaHo connects your online interactive videos with your Learning Management System (LMS) or Learning Record Store (LRS), using Tin Can (xAPI). You can add interactivity like jumps, buttons, hot spots and quizzes to online videos (e.g. YouTube and Vimeo) and track the behaviour and results of your viewers. By using Tin Can this can also be done outside the LMS/LRS, for example by sending a link to the video by e-mail.

  • Hurix
    hurix systems logo


    Hurix transforms digital content for leading corporations, educational publishers, institutions and training companies. They offer Flash to HTML5 conversion, instructional design transformation, visual design transformation and bespoke design and development of new content. Hurix supports xAPI, SCORM and AICC tracking of it’s content as required by their customers and the project.

  • HyperSkill


    HyperSkill is a no-code 3D simulation authoring software for both Virtual and Augmented Reality. HyperSkill was created to enable instructional designers to create immersive training content without having to learn programming. HyperSkill enables non-programmers to author VR/AR content, publish it to various devices and audiences and collect and visualize experience data. Users can unlock the value of existing CAD and 3D assets by converting them into interactive virtual objects securely stored in the cloud. These virtual objects can enrich training and assessment. Supported across VR and AR devices, HyperSkill enables educators and subject matter experts to capture and share knowledge. HyperSkill supports xAPI so that content creators can use xAPI to log and report data and fine grained metrics related to content and learner proficiency on targeted knowledge and skills.

  • In2itive
    in2itive logo


    In2itive LMS is a customizable, cloud based, SCORM compliant e-learning and collaboration platform with xAPI (xAPI) support in the form of our integral Learning Record Store (LRS), based upon the open source Learning Locker LRS. Importantly, you will not need to make modifications to your existing learning content because the In2itive LMS is configured to write xAPI statements for any existing SCORM 1.2 learning package. In2itive is a leading learning technology solution provider that helps organizations to improve their performance through the effective deployment and use of learning solutions

    In2itive LMS
  • Informetica
    informetica logo


    Informetica is an innovative LMS that enables clients to provide a customized environment for their learners, just as if it were their own in-house solution. Informetica has been servicing clients since 2001 across multiple industries. They are currently working to become Experience API compliant for their next major release. All versions of Informetica’s Enterprise platform will be able to support the Experience API.

  • InfoSec Institute
    infosec logo

    InfoSec Institute

    InfoSec Institute provides hands-on security training and simulations to both government and commercial clients. Our cutting-edge security awareness training utilizes the Experience API for integrating real-time reporting, advanced interactivity and simulations, and helps to speed up integration time for critical compliance and security training.

    InfoSec Institute
  • Instancy
    instancy logo


    The Instancy Platform helps organizations create, deliver and track Experience API-based learning content on the web and on mobile devices like Smartphones and Tablets. Instancy Platform’s many integrated sub-systems work together to help you deploy a comprehensive Experience API-based distributed learning architecture:

    • Instancy Learning Content Management System (iLCMS) and Instancy Authoring Tools help you create and export HTML5 & Experience API-based content
    • Instancy Learning Record Store (iLRS) enables you to receive and store Experience API statements from learning content created within iLCMS
    • Instancy Learning Management System (iLMS) enables you to import and launch Experience API-based content, pull data from the iLRS dynamically, and view learning progress reports and dashboards
  • iQualify LMS
    iQualify logo

    iQualify LMS

    iQualify is an LMS that can send xAPI statements based on various interactions performed by learners in the platform.

    iQualify LMS
  • iSpring
    ispring logo


    iSpring® is well-known for developing rapid authoring tools based on PowerPoint for e-learning and mobile learning. iSpring has committed to supporting the Experience API in the upcoming Version 7 of their authoring tools.

  • iWork Tech
    i work tech logo

    iWork Tech

    iWork Technologies develops innovative SAAS and Mobile applications to support distributed learning experiences. Their learning framework is based on gaming mechanics that help participants compete and earn badges for their achievements. They follow a nonlinear learning path that encourages community participation and helps users explore content collaboratively. Their LRS is Experience API conformant and comes augmented with value added API’s that can be utilities to understand user engagement. They provide adhoc reports with granular filters and the ability to export xAPI data that can be analyzed offline. Their real-time leaderboard, likes, comments and analytics help stakeholders gauge the impact of content that’s published.

    iWork Technologies
  • JLMS Cloud
    JLMS cloud logo

    JLMS Cloud

    JLMS Cloud is a cloud based, “as a service” Learning Management System. With simple user management, content automation and much more, we have built a system with ease of use in mind. You can access JLMS Cloud from any device, making it easier to manage your training from wherever you are. JLMS Cloud supports the Experience API to allow you to upload your xAPI compliant learning content and store the learning data in our built-in LRS.

    JLMS Cloud
  • Joubel
    joubel loga


    All Joubel employees are part of the H5P.org Team. Our mission is to make H5P as great as possible and we help our customers succeed with H5P including integrating xAPI in their publishing platforms.

  • Kaltura
    kaltura logo


    Kaltura is the world’s leading video management platform. It allows people to easily author + deliver video content; but most importantly, Kaltura specializes in video engagement and analytics, to measure and collate learner interaction behavior. These behaviors can be transmitted via xAPI for purposes including learning analytics and employee experience and beyond.

  • keelearning


    keelearning is a cloud-based mobile learning management solution that enables organizations to create training courses and measure attendee performance. Key features include user group management, push notifications, single sign-on (SSO), quiz battle as well as free editable courses and templates, autotranslate and progress reporting. The social learning feature allows users to add comments to courses and submit ideas and suggestions.

    keelearning has support for and utilizes xAPI-based WBTs along with an integrated wrapper for old SCORM projects, mapping their functionality to xAPI, so customers can import their old SCORM files.

  • Kineo
    kineo logo


    Kineo is a global e-learning services company that helps businesses improve their performance through learning and technology. They are part of the City & Guilds Group and are a trusted partner to many of the world’s leading organizations including BP, Sony Europe, Vodafone, M&S, Nikon and McDonald’s. They offer consulting around implementing xAPI, integrate xAPI statements into bespoke content as required and offer Totara LMS implementation and customization.

  • kme360
    KME 360 logo


    Nuevosmedios is a company that since 1998 has developed technological solutions to support knowledge management, face-to-face and virtual (e-learning / b-learning) training. At Nuevosmedios we believe that we are all lifelong learners and it is in our nature to share what we know. We help to bring in a better way and to more people, the knowledge that is valuable for each and every one. Through the best technology available. We propose to extend “the experience” by implementing technology-based learning ecosystems, allowing to maximize opportunities for interaction among lifelong learners.

  • Knowledge Guru
    Knowledge Guru logo

    Knowledge Guru

    The Knowledge Guru™ game engine uses Experience API as a bridge between its stand-alone database and a client’s LMS. It’s a game that uses spaced learning and repetition for maximum knowledge transfer… and xAPI makes it even more versatile.

    The Knowledge Guru
  • Knowledgelink
  • Komensky
    Komensky logo


    Komensky is a Skill-building Platform (LXP). With our Content Lake, Skill Management tool and xAPI Gateway we enable our clients to integrate all available learning activities (Content, opportunities, events, etc), map them against skills and consolidate all learning activity data to xAPI and store it in the Learning Record Store. This gives them full insight in the skill development of their workforce.

  • Launch LRS
    Launch Learning logo

    Launch LRS

    Launch LRS is an xAPI conformant LRS. It is exceptionally fast and secure. By taking advantage of the mirroring and forwarding functionality it is possible to supercharge the speed of an existing xAPI infrastructure or simply migrate from an existing LRS to Launch LRS. Launch Learning provides multiple options for building your infrastructure, including load-balanced autoscaling in the cloud or on-premise with Ubuntu or Red Hat. Launch Learning can build your complete infrastructure for free so it is possible to get started with the xAPI in minutes.

    Launch LRS
  • Lcontent.ru


    Lcontent.ru is a creative, professional team of programmers, methodologists, experts in the field of 3D graphics and VR. They create computer simulators used for systematic training primarily used in the oil and gas industries focused on practical skills for the safe management of technological facilities during start-up, operation and planned shutdown, as well as in emergency situations. Lcontent.ru training includes full xAPI support.

  • LearnDash
    learn dash logo


    LearnDash is a WordPress based learning management system plugin that enables users to easily set-up and customize their own LMS, sell courses, auto-deliver certificates, and download user reports. LearnDash also supports the sending of Experience API statements based on user activity within the built-in course, lesson, and quiz functionality.

  • Learnetic
    Learnetic blue logo


    With over 20 years of experience in developing Educational Technologies Learnetic’s mission is to help Educational Publishers, Ministries of Education or Digital Disruptors to implement their technology-driven Educational ePublishing Strategies. By providing solutions at almost every stage of ePublishing processes we offer complete suite of Authoring Tools, eLearning & Delivery Platforms, eDevelopment Services and ready-made Interactive eContent Packages. Learnetic’s mAuthor is a combination of a powerful Authoring Tool and a Cloud based eDevelopment Platform dedicated to build highly interactive Digital Content and to coordinate the workflow of the Project Teams involved in its creation. The resulting eContent is built along the eLearning industry standards including xAPI xAPI and supports all, desktop and mobile devices, making it perfect for modern technology-supported education. Due to large number and variety of its interactive modules it can generate highly adaptive learning content with a friction of effort in comparison to alternative solutions.

  • Learning Crafters

    Learning Crafters

    Learning Crafters develops and produces next generation bespoke digital learning experiences for organizations of various sizes. The company’s toolbox includes interactive videos, animations, simulations, AR and VR which are combined into effective, engaging and measurable learning content. The company’s work revolves largely around xAPI, thanks to its superior capabilities in learning tracking and analytics. Learning Crafters also advises companies on the adoption and implementation of next-generation digital learning tools and acts as an implementation partner for digital learning environments built on the xAPI interface. The comprehensive involvement in systems, content and implementation enables the company to deliver real business results through its work on learning.

    Learning Crafters
  • Learning Locker
    Learning Locker Logo

    Learning Locker

    Learning Locker® is a free, open source Learning Record Store; a type of data repository designed to store learning activity statements generated by xAPI learning activities.

    The world’s most installed xAPI-ready LRS and the proud recipient of the Innovation Award from the prestigious Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, Learning Locker® is used by organizations to store, sort and share learning data as generated by their learners.

    Learning Locker
  • Learning Pool
    Learning Pool logo

    Learning Pool

    Adapt Builder by Learning Pool allows you to create fantastic e-learning that your users will love. Developed using leading open-source technology, Adapt Builder gives you complete control to build and edit great courses in minutes. With the addition of an xAPI extension, all courses created in Adapt Builder can now be configured as xAPI packages for any LMS or LXP that has xAPI support (including all of our catalogues). Detailed xAPI data allows you to see how learners are engaging with the content, and in conjunction with our LXP, allows you to assess the effectiveness of the learning as well as the impact of learning in the workflow. We were honoured to receive an award from HT2 labs for “Best use of Learning Locker® to Support Performance in the Workplace” for our first major xAPI project.

    Learning Pool
  • Learning Templates
    learning templates logo

    Learning Templates

    Learning Templates is a Canadian based company focused on learning management enhancements and integration via xAPI data distribution. We cater to all 28 of the U.N. nations for both commercial and military applications. They have a number of tracks including:

    • xAPI-LMS: A MongoDB SaaS based Performance Support System designed for franchised organizations who require mobile first JITT and community support.
    • LearnDash plugins: A number of plugins for the LearnDash LMS. The focus of the plugins is to align the product with a more conformant approach to xAPI and cmi5 compliance.
    • LifterLMS plugins: A few plugins for LifterLMS for the same reasons as LearnDash. The Lifter xAPI plugin specifically aligns LifterLMS to be xAPI and cmi5 compliant while also adding in competency management.
    Learning Templates
  • Learning.net
    learning.net logo


    Learning managers can now easily include mobile learning, simulations, social learning, offline learning, and collaborative learning into their curriculums. Trellis includes a Learning Record Store (LRS) as part of the LMS that can collect data about a wide range of experiences a learner has online or offline, and capture those experiences from many technologies. People learn from interactions with other people, interactions with online content, even interactions with books (something called reading). Trellis LMS, using the Experience API, records these interactions and makes them part of a learning path (curriculum).

  • Learnnovators
    learnnovators logo


    Learnnovators helps organizations address skill and performance gaps in the workforce by creating tailor-made solutions that are aligned with their business goals. Besides custom learning, they offer a varied basket of services including mobile and micro learning, performance support, social learning, blended learning, rapid e-learning, gamification and localization. Learnnovators develops Experience API enabled courses to support informal and social learning, as well as other learning and performance scenarios that SCORM or AICC cannot track satisfactorily.

  • Learnosity
    learnosity logo


    Learnosity is an award-winning educational technology company that offers a suite of assessment technologies (APIs) which enable organizations from a wide range of sectors, to easily incorporate powerful, interactive assessment capabilities into any digital product, new or existing. With intuitive authoring, powerful analytics and over 65 technology-enhanced items (TEIs), Learnosity shortens development cycles, effort and time-to-market, without sacrificing quality or value. Learnosity works with many of the top names from K-12 and higher education, to test prep and corporate training institutions. Learnosity has dedicated offices in Dublin, New York, Sydney and Los Angeles as well as local representation in the UK, Washington DC, Utah, and Hawaii. Learnosity offer a suite of APIs which enable organizations from a wide range of sectors, to easily incorporate powerful, interactive assessment capabilities into any digital product, new or existing. Learnosity’s Events API provides a simple way to publish and subscribe xAPI compliant events to our assessment and analytics offerings.

  • Learnosphere
    learnosphere logo


    Learnosphere is a simple and intuitive Learning Management System that delivers standards-compliant learning in a hassle-free manner. The LMS works on mobile and tablet devices, and among other features, it supports social learning and spaced retrieval. In addition, it offers a 3-tier architecture, enabling organizations to license their content to external entities and manage them through a well-designed dashboard. Learnosphere has the ability to launch and track Experience API enabled courses within the LMS, as well as content that is hosted anywhere on the web.

  • LearnUpon
    learn upon logo


    LearnUpon allows you to import xAPI courses created using your favorite authoring tools. Having imported your modules, you can then combine them with existing content such as surveys, exams, ILT sessions and so forth. LearnUpon will track all your xAPI statements and translate them into LearnUpon data that you can subsequently report on, such as exam questions/answers, results and completions. In addition to this tracking, LearnUpon can also forward your learners’ xAPI statements to your LRS of choice.

  • Lectora
    Lectora logo


    Lectora publishes to the latest xAPI and cmi5 eLearning software specifications so that you can track learning activity in both traditional eLearning courses along with informal or non-traditional immersive learning (such as courses from sister product CenarioVR). These learning activities are captured in xAPI statements that are recorded in an LRS, or Learning Record Store. An LRS may either be built into a learning management system or used on its own to capture, analyze and report on the data captured and stored in the activity statement. Lectora is directly integrated with CourseMill and The Rockstar Learning Platform and Lectora’s published content works in all major LMS platforms.

  • LEO Learning
    leo logo

    LEO Learning

    LEO Learning’s unique blend of creative thought processes and deep technical understanding allow us to create truly innovative solutions for organisations across sectors. Our breadth of experience allows us to make the best use of each customer’s existing people, resources and devices, and we are proactive about researching the new technologies that will benefit learners.

    LEO Learning
  • LifeWay
    lifeway logo


    LifeWay is using the Experience API in their Ministry Grid application to deliver courses and videos to desktop and mobile applications, and track them in a way that wasn’t possible before. As an LMS, Ministry Grid is a simple platform where users can access timely and relevant video based content across a wide variety of platforms and environments. On the backend, the partnership between LifeWay and Rustici Software created a complex combination of software solutions using the Experience API as the common thread to tie data from a variety of inputs. LifeWay Christian Resources is one of the world’s largest providers of Christian products and services, including Bibles, Bible studies, research, church music and supplies, and digital services.

  • LifterLMS
    lifter lms logo


    LifterLMS makes it easy to create, sell, and protect engaging online courses. With the LifterLMS xAPI add-on you, can integrate LifterLMS with an Experience API (xAPI) service. Manage your LifterLMS competencies and activities, your H5P Content, as well as uploaded and linked Articulate, Captivate or Lectora e-learning course activities. LifterLMS is on a mission to democratize education in the digital classroom. A fully distributed company, LifterLMS — celebrating four years in 2017 with a worldwide user and customer base with interactions from 191 countries.

  • lxHive
    ix hive logo


    lxHive is a fast and lightweight open source xAPI Learning Record Store (LRS). The application uses MongoDB and PHP. It supports Basic Authentication, OAuth 2.0 and supports pluggable file storage mechanisms.

  • Maerix
    maerix logo


    Maerix is a leader in software development designed for Health – Safety – Environment (HSE) and Human resources (HR) management professionals. Over the past 15 years they have developed multiple solutions for chemical management, GHS compliance, incident and accident reporting as well as an ever popular learning management system (LMS).

  • Magic Coast
    Magic Coast Logo

    Magic Coast

    Magic Coast has been a leading source of highly reliable live video streaming for over 10 years. Our proprietary, cloud-managed video streaming hardware and service is the perfect end-to-end solution for mission-critical Live and On-Demand video streaming. We’ve worked with fortune 500 companies, renown universities and major broadcasters to deliver their content and interactive eLearning to audiences around the world.

    Magic Coast
  • Magicbox
    magicbox logo


    Magicbox is using xAPI in their reader (native as well as web) for capturing user activities. They are even using xAPI in their assignment & assessment modules.

  • Maguire
    maguire logo


    Maguire Training is a business built by training professionals with collective experience that can serve clients in every business sector and deliver on every known aspect of personal development. The company specialises in high quality training in Sales, Management & Leadership and Behavioural Skills for business. Embracing the key benefits of learning technology, Maguire has developed over 100 video-based e-learning modules that highlight our strengths and make it even easier for people to access high quality learning. In addition to our library of modules, we work with our clients to develop bespoke content to address their current needs. By adopting Experience API, this content can be further embedded into the learning technology framework, allowing greater individual learner choice, more interactivity and real insight into the success of eLearning through instant analytics.

    Maguire Training
  • MakingBetter
    making better logo


    Our clients believe learning and organizational development are levers for growth. They rely on MakingBetter to help them elevate their game with innovative learning technology. Our clients want to make a serious difference in their performance, their market and the world. They call on MakingBetter to help them identify and realize their hidden potential. We provide coaching and consulting: needs analysis, architecture, design, procurement, development and implementation. Projects include data visualizations, community learning platforms, formative assessments, evaluations and enterprise-wide system integrations. MakingBetter works across industries to support individual contributors, companies and vendors. We leverage xAPI for innovative learning, performance and continuous improvement efforts.

  • MARi
    MARi logo


    MARi is an artificial intelligence (AI) SaaS platform for academic and workplace skills. MARi (short for Mariana Trench and pronounced “mar + ee”) is capable of longitudinally tracking all the knowledge, skills, and abilities of a person throughout their entire life.

    MARi’s innovative AI-driven LRS utilizes a wide range of open data standards to enable personalized learning pathways to reduce training time and provide data-driven insights for more strategic decision-making.

    xAPI provides MARi with detailed granular data from a growing number of xAPI-compliant authoring tools, third-party assessments, and learning management systems.

    These disparate sources of detailed training data fuel MARi’s “match-gap-recommend” algorithms- allowing MARi to match a person to any goal or job, show them gaps they need to overcome to achieve their goals, and recommend steps (like additional training) they can take to close those gaps.

  • MediaTechnics
    Mediatechnics logo


    BookOnPublish creates innovative multimedia rich, interactive digital textbooks. Now with xAPI support, BookOnPublish is able to deliver student results to any Experience API compatible LRS.

  • Meridian LMS
    meridian logo

    Meridian LMS

    The Meridian LMS allows users with the appropriate permissions to manage a general course indicate whether it supports xAPI. When the support xAPI feature is enabled, the system sends user progress information for the indicated courses to a configured Learning Record Store (LRS). An LMS administrator must enable xAPI for the system and provide information about the organization’s LRS in order to capture user progress.

    Meridian Knowledge Solutions
  • Metrix Group
    metrix group logo

    Metrix Group

    For the past 25 years, Metrix Group has been a preferred partner to various Fortune 500 Companies in the Pharmaceutical, Bio Tech, Government and Financial services industries, providing them with strategy-driven custom blended learning solutions in the fields on sales, on-boarding, technical training and performance management. As an early adopter and provider of blended e-learning strategies, Metrix Group has always embraced and challenged our client and project teams to enable tracking and reporting of all learning activities on any device or in any eLearning scenario. Metrix e-learning programs are always designed to improve our client’s performance, so we are proud to recommend and adopt the Experience API measurement system to ensure our clients, our programs and their learners are successful. Metrix Group is continually focused on integrating the most current e-learning standards and web technologies into all of our custom solutions.

    Metrix Group
  • Metryx
    metryx logo


    Metryx is a web-based application that allows educators to collect student data via an easy-to-use mobile interface and use that data to more effectively group students and provide targeted instruction.

  • Mine de Savoirs
    mine de savoirs logo

    Mine de Savoirs

    Mine de Savoirs has its own web-app, Mrod! It is the army knife of digital learning. You can create, share and animate all sort of educational activities. Each activity is precisely monitored with the integrated LRS, and fully compatible with xAPI/xAPI.

    Mine de Savoirs
  • Modest Tree
    Modest Tree Dark Logo Transparent

    Modest Tree

    Modest3D is a software suite that non-programmers can use to create custom 3D training scenarios on multiple platforms including virtual reality. We use xAPI to track the student’s interactions throughout the scenario and evaluate their performance or understanding of the course material.

    Modest Tree
  • Moodle
    moodle logo


    Whilst Moodle does not implement xAPI out of the box, a number of plugins allow you to add xAPI related features. In particular, the launch plugin enables the launch of xAPI content hosted externally and tracked to an external LRS. Alternatively, the SCORM Cloud plugin enables upload and tracking of SCORM, AICC and xAPI packages, all of which can be tracked via xAPI statements within SCORM Cloud (SCORM and AICC data is converted).

  • Motive.io
    Motive.io logo


    StoryFlow XR is an authoring and content management system for AR/VR training. Motive.io’s custom XR Player software produces an xAPI stream that can be sent to any LRS to track learner activity within an AR or VR training scenario.

  • National Health Service
    nhs logo

    National Health Service

    A key focus for the National Health Service (NHS) is improved care for people with dementia. They want to know what kinds of learning activities lead to better trained staff and how this impacts on patient outcomes and experience. Several NHS organisations will be using Watershed to tie together data from different LMSs. The NHS is keen to track learning experiences from various online resources and to track a simulation to understand how well learners perform. The aim is then to target the workforce with dementia education and training that makes the biggest difference. We’ll also be implementing a badging system, enabling the NHS to acknowledge staff for their achievements in providing better care for people with dementia.

  • Neaunoia
    NEUNOIA Logo


    Neunoia is a forward-thinking company that provides a simple and scalable learning platform to enterprise groups of all sizes. By combining the power of their Leaf LMS, xAPI, and custom tailored eLearnings, Neunoia can transform your development into a world class system. We know that learning happens everywhere which is why Leaf has the ability to store, track, and report data as well as connect to other LRS’s to better define the learner’s experiences. We believe that no one knows your business better than you do. That is why Neunoia works hard to provide flexible tools and a responsive training development workflow tailored to your business. We apply our expertise to your eLearning development projects and keep the focus on your priorities. We’ve built a team of creative thinkers, programmers, and media professionals that can tackle your projects with a fresh perspective and highly skilled execution. We call it “new beautiful thinking” . . . It’s what we do.

  • NetDimensions
    Net dimensions logo


    NetDimensions is a global provider of learning, knowledge and performance management solutions to highly regulated industries. NetDimensions provides companies, government agencies and other organizations with talent management solutions to personalize learning, enhance performance, and manage compliance programs for employees, customers and partners. NetDimensions’ award-winning solutions have been chosen by leading organizations worldwide such as ING, Cathay Pacific, AAA, Geely Automotive, Chicago Police Department, Norton Healthcare and Fresenius Medical Care. The NetDimensions Talent Suite platform includes a built-in Learning Records Store(LRS) and full xAPI support, enabling users to import, launch and report on xAPI content, as well as support for SCORM and AICC standards. NetDimensions is ISO 9001 certified and NetDimensions hosted services are ISO 27001 certified. NetDimensions is part of Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG).

  • Netex
    Netex logo


    learningCloud is a Next Generation Learning Environment (NGLE) focused on formal and informal learning, which emphasizes the user experience in order to help organizations to create a culture of continuous learning through Microlearning, social learning based on content curation and multi-device, facilitating just-in-time learning and motivating the employee through gamification techniques.

  • Netexam
    net exam logo


    NetExam is a leading LMS provider that has implemented xAPI in the below ways. They’ve also enabled SCORM to xAPI.

    Social Learning

    • Subscribing to a Topic
    • Submitting a resource to a topic
    • Rating a resource (likes/dislikes)
    • Connecting with a peer

    Informal Learning Tracking via mobile app

    • Participated in activity
    • Activities can be anything they configure such as lunch-and-learns, ride alongs, customer visits, conference/booth check in etc
  • NexLearn
    nexlearn logo


    NexLearn® is a custom software developer whose team has been creating e-Learning solutions for business, government, and academic clients for more than 20 years. NexLearn has incorporated Experience API into not only its custom development projects, but also its award-winning, patented simulation authoring tool, SimWriter®, and its Learning Management System, CareerMap™, both of which also support SCORM and AICC standards:

    • SimWriter empowers its users to develop behavior scripted, fully scored, media rich courses that fully engage learners in role-based social simulations. Through the Immersive Learning possible with SimWriter, users can create the most effective training experiences for learners, deliverable on an individual student basis or–thanks to SimWriter’s new Audience Response System feature–in an instructor-led classroom setting.
    • CareerMap allows users to deploy training courses, track student performance, and manage comprehensive curricula. With its customizable features and functionality, CareerMap can support an organization’s multiple locations and disciplines while analyzing and reporting competency and performance objectives.
  • Onpoint Digital
    Onpoint Digital logo

    Onpoint Digital

    OnPoint Digital has worked with ADL and Rustici Software teams for more than a year helping to shape the promise and potential of the Experience API especially in the areas of content tracking and informal social interactions. The OnPoint Learning & Performance Suite v5, a full featured LMS / LCMS released in July 2012, extends the functionality of their previous offline SCORM players by adding new Experience API support features that can track, trap and manage xAPI statements spawned from learning content, social interactions or other xAPI-aware functions. The v5 platform features an integrated Learning Record Store (“LRS”) as well as new support for xAPI-based game mechanics reporting using our new gamification feature set.

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  • Ontuitive
    ontuitive logo


    Ontuitive is a leading provider of real-time performance learning and performance support software, with offices in the US, NL and UK. Ontuitive makes it possible to report informal, performance learning, and performance support interactions using xAPI/Experience API. It is configurable to use any LRS on a project-by-project basis.

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  • OpenLabyrinth
    open labyrinth logo


    OpenLabyrinth is a free, open-source, education research platform. First used for virtual patients, it has now grown far beyond those roots. All learner activities are tracked internally and can be reported to an LRS in real time or post-hoc. Supporting Medbiquitous open data standards, OpenLabyrinth can be linked with many other educational tools and simulation devices.

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  • OpenSesame
    OpenSesame logo


    OpenSesame is developing a mobile app with TinCan to enable content creators to create and publish courses into the OpenSesame e-learning marketplace. The app also will deliver courses to learners on their mobile device.

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  • Opigno
    opigno logo


    Opigno LMS is an open source Learning Management System based on the well-known Drupal CMS. It offers a full range of features, and a very high level of scalability and flexibility. Opigno can be easily customized in order to match the requirements of any project, whether it be for online or blended learning, whatever the size of the business. Opigno is supporting Experience API, integrating very precise statements for each activity performed and each result obtained by learners. It also makes possible to get graphical dashboards and reports based on the data in your LRS. It can be integrated out of the box with Learning Locker LRS.

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  • Optimum Results
    optimum results logo

    Optimum Results

    Optimum Results specialises in building management skills and staff competencies so as to optimise business
    performance and management development. We are dedicated to improving the business performance of our clients.
    To date, we have worked with over 9,000 clients across 11 Countries. We are experts in instructional design and the development of online learning content (eLearning modules). Using advanced authoring tools we produce custom learning content for our clients, as well as “off the shelf” courses that can be installed in any LMS. Using the latest approaches including Experience API and mobile ready web design, learners can experience the advantages of self-paced learning on desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

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  • Opus
    opus powered by epilogue


    The Opus Digital Adoption Solution automates sending xAPI records to any compliant LRS. Opus allows companies to track in applications interactions between software users and all major software applications.

  • Paltech
    Paltech logo


    Paltech has developed Rapport, a virtual classroom environment available to multiple users on a variety of operating systems. Through its use of the Experience API, Rapport includes robust tracking and reporting capabilities, including the detailed recording of student interactions in a wide variety of learning activities.

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    pandora logo


    PANDORA, the international jewelry franchise, has a new product line, and they want to identify how learning activities will impact the sales of the new line in specific stores, and by specific sales associates. The company will be using Watershed LRS to learn how to better launch and support new products, which we expect will be a valuable reason for many companies to use Watershed. With Tribridge AmplifyHR, PANDORA will be able to better manage its learning data and improve integration with third-party apps. Using AmplifyHR as the platform, Tribridge will track and correlate diverse activities and data from sources such as Cornerstone OnDemand’s Learning Cloud, content from the Tribridge custom content library, sales data, the PANDORA Product Workbook, Cornerstone Connect (social learning), instructor-led training, and visits by regional sales managers. With all of this data living in one place (Watershed LRS), PANDORA will gain better business insights into which learning activities lead to an increase (or decrease) in sales. Without Watershed LRS, making correlations from such different types of data (and from so many varied sources) wasn’t possible or practical. Watershed LRS is allowing PANDORA to do and learn things about their training department that will help them drive business decisions for new product launches and increase their successes.

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  • Paradiso Solutions
    paradise solutions logo

    Paradiso Solutions

    Paradiso Solutions is an e-learning product and services company which offers complete e-learning solutions to small and large enterprises and educational institutes. Our LMS is a feature-rich and easy-to-use Learning Management System that supports both corporate training and education e-learning. Paradiso Solutions added Experience API support to its Paradiso LMS platform so users can import, launch and report on xAPI content.

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  • Peak Pacific
    peak pacific logo

    Peak Pacific

    Peak Pacific helps customers rewire their business through Learning, Technology and Mobility. For upcoming programs, Peak Pacific will leverage the potential of xAPI with its custom HTML5 framework. The Experience API along with an LRS will enable Peak Pacific’s customers to implement adaptive learning pathways, better learning analytics and role-based scenarios.

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  • Percipio


    Percipio is a Learning Experience Platform that provides access to Skillsoft and other aggregated content. It provides a rich, modern learning experience with hundreds of pre-curated channels, interest-based recommendations, and the ability to consume content the way you like: watch, read or listen. Administrators and curators can manage the site, assign content, and organize content and channels. Additionally, rich analytics are built into the platform with dashboards and reports that provide an easy to access business-oriented view of user activity. Skillsoft believes that the best ROI comes from measuring true business impact, and Percipio provides xAPI support as part of its rich data integration tools. Statements can be delivered to an LRS or other xAPI-compatible system supporting the vision of aggregated data and holistic measurement. Our xAPI statements include: exploring channels to watching a micro-learning video, user interactions with content in Percipio, in the Percipio mobile app, or via our Embedded Synchronized Learning Assistant (ELSA).

  • Peregrine Performance Group
    peregrine performance group logo

    Peregrine Performance Group

    Peregrine Performance Group (PPG) provides workforce performance improvement consulting and programs. We design, develop, and implement training, performance support, and other performance related solutions that help our clients meet their workforce performance related goals. JobAider is an app for creating and using job aids. As the app is used, xAPI (xAPI) is used to track actions taken by the user. JobAider tracks who is creating a job aid, who is using a job aid, which part of a job aid is being viewed, and many other actions within the app. The data collected is stored in an LRS. Clients can view the data collected using an analytics dashboard to gain insight on how their employee’s everyday work impacts their business.

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  • PlayerLync
    Player Lync logo


    PlayerLync is a modern learning and performance support solution that incorporates content viewing, digital forms, content management, collaboration, messaging, daily operations tasking and reporting into one universal solution. Elegantly move or capture video content onto mobile devices efficiently, securely and without the need for user downloads. Our content management is designed to be efficient, secure and automatic so that it avoids negatively impacting your network bandwidth. Workers can access content online or offline, anywhere they need it, using Apple or Android mobile devices. PlayerLync is the mobile learning and performance support solution for people that work on their feet. With xAPI, PlayerLync allows customers to publish eLearning packages to mobile devices, making eLearning content available even if the learner’s mobile device is offline. Learners receive a rich, interactive experience regardless of internet connection, allowing effective training content delivery at the point of performance, even in challenging mobile environments. When training is complete, PlayerLync collects learning results and quiz scores from mobile devices whenever they connect to an approved network, and can make critical learning data available to managers, instructors, or to any xAPI compatible LMS.

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  • Problem Solutions
    problem-solutions logo

    Problem Solutions

    Problem Solutions built the Gold Stars app with a focus on xAPI from the start. This app makes a xAPI statement each time a person recognizes another for a specific accomplishment.

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  • Proprofs
    proprofs training maker image


    ProProfs Training Maker is a web-based Learning Management System which offers a state-of-the-art platform for training and assessment of employees and all stakeholders of a business. The platform is simple to use and configure, and also comprehensive enough for expert users. ProProfs Training Maker has the capability of importing xAPI and SCORM compliant courses. These courses can then be made available to learners in the form of training and assessment manuals. When these courses are taken by learners, all their activity in the form verbs and statements are generated. Through our intuitive reports, customers analyse this learning data, send them to the ProProfs LRS and try to improve learning of their employees based on the patterns they see.

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  • QuestionMark
    Questionmark logo


    QuestionMark has integrated the Experience API with their assessment solutions. These applications can make xAPI statements to one or more Learning Record Stores about the user’s interactions and results.

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  • Quink
    Quink Logo


    Quink is a fully customizable, fun mobile only knowledge reinforcement app. It uses spaced repetition, fun and bite-sized content to help you learn and refresh your knowledg. Using our templates, you can easily create your own learning moments. Upload your logo, set the colours and create quizzes, challenges or polls and launch videos and brain snacks. Each day, you receive a notification with your learning moment of the day. Every action in the application sends out an xAPI statement to your LRS of choice (verbs are experienced, watched, passed, failed, waived, initialized, accessed, bookmarked and shared).

  • Raptivity
    Raptificy logo


    Raptivity® is a first in class interactivity builder which allows an instructional designer or course developer to quickly and easily create engaging learning interactions. It empowers you to craft compelling interactive content from a fine selection of 180+ interaction templates across categories like exercises, games, simulations, brainteasers, interactive diagrams, virtual worlds and many more. Get started by simply adding content to your interaction! Raptivity has announced that it will support the Experience API for Raptivity Essential pack in the upcoming February 2013 release. Raptivity Essential pack consists of 35 interactions of various types such as Presentation Aids, Assessments and Visual aids. xAPI support for the remaining Raptivity packs is planned later in the year, once the xAPI 1.0 spec is released.

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  • Realthink
    real think logo


    Realthink is a small consultancy firm based in Treviso, near to Venice (Italy). They are focused on information design, instructional design, e-learning strategy. They offer custom development services with a craftsmanship approach. They design and develop e-learning and collaboration platform using both SCORM and xAPI technologies.Based on their custom projects they are developing a new product called Experio.

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  • Riptide
    riptide logo


    Riptide provides advanced training solutions and services to government agencies and commercial customers across many industries. Riptide ELEMENTS learning platform includes an HTML5 courseware that implements the Experience API for reporting real-time activity events directly into the ELEMENTS Learning Record Store (LRS). The ELEMENTS platform also contains, authoring, curriculum management, advanced data visualization and analytics dashboards capabilities.

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  • RISC
    risc logo


    RISC has integrated a Experience API compliant Learning Record Store with their RISC LMS. In addition, a xAPI powered PDF annotator has been integrated within the LMS that allows the learner to annotate a PDF on any device and then view those annotations on another advice. The annotations made by individuals and groups of learners can be reported on by an administrative user.

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  • Rustici Cross Domain
    Rustici Cross Domain logo

    Rustici Cross Domain

    Are you a content provider whose content is best housed on your servers but you need to deliver it to a client LMS? Rustici Cross Domain (previously known as SCORM Driver Cross Domain or SDXD but now shortened to RXD) can help you deliver your courses to every SCORM- or AICC-compliant LMS or learning platform in the world. RXD allows you to host content on your servers and play it in other LMSs.

    Rustici Cross Domain
  • Rustici Dispatch

    Rustici Dispatch

    Maintain control of your eLearning content. Rustici Dispatch connects with your application via an API to help you maintain control of eLearning content and share it with other LMSs or learning systems. Centrally hosting your courses lets you distribute your content to any LMS, in any standard, without you having to worry about the intricacies of xAPI, cmi5, SCORM and AICC. With Rustici Dispatch, you can update your content in one place and make that version immediately available to every LMS. Dispatch also helps you turn access to your content on or off as you please and track how content is used after it’s sent to an LMS and aggregate data across platforms.

    Rustici Dispatch
  • Rustici Driver

    Rustici Driver

    Rustici Driver helps you convert your eLearning content so it supports xAPI, cmi5, SCORM and AICC. Whether you’re hoping to add eLearning standards support to an authoring tool, convert your content library or deliver non-standardized content to an LMS, Rustici Driver can help. Our product allows developers to make simple function calls without having to worry about the underlying standards. That means adding support for xAPI, cmi5, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, or AICC is now a simple configuration setting.

    Rustici Driver
  • Rustici Engine
    rustici engine logo

    Rustici Engine

    Rustici Engine integrates directly into your application to manage import and launch of xAPI, cmi5, SCORM and AICC content. Inspire trust in your application by associating your LMS with the gold standard. Rustici Engine powers hundreds of LMSs, learning analytics platforms and next-gen learning platforms, more than any software on the market. Engine makes it easy to use a variety of eLearning standards, allowing you to play a SCORM or AICC course and automatically converting SCORM data into xAPI statements. Engine features a fully responsive player plus support for 25+ languages out of the box.

    Rustici Engine
  • Rustici LRS

    Rustici LRS

    Add a learning record store to your learning analytics platform or LMS. The Rustici LRS is an integratable LRS designed to receive, store and return xAPI statements. Forward statements to other LRSs, set up multi-tenant databases, refuse statements and trigger events based on statements received. Rustici LRS has passed the ADL conformance test suite and our application powers a number of other certified LRSs.

    Rustici LRS
  • Saba
    Saba logo


    Saba provides transformational talent management solutions to help your people and your business thrive. Saba allows all informal and formal learning activity to be saved in one place, whether it’s activity from within Saba (e.g. downloading a file) to outside of Saba (e.g. sharing a blog link), making it easier for you to track and report on all learning happening across the organization. The LRS supports everything from Tin Can (xAPI) and CMI5 content to assigned or self-discovered courses, classes, articles, videos, blogs, and more.

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  • Sakai CLE
    sakai logo

    Sakai CLE

    Sakai CLE, an open source educational software platform, provides an environment for teaching and learning that is grounded in collaboration and open sharing of knowledge. Work is currently in progress to create an internal integration with the Experience API, which is suitable for inclusion in the Sakai trunk and future releases. The integration will focus on using core aspects of Sakai like the events system and flexible industry tech such as AOP to allow for a high level of data capture. To follow the progress and contribute, join the conversation here. The Sakai CLE is an Apereo Software Community.

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  • Salalem
    Salalem Logo


    Give your employees an edge over the continuously changing skill requirements of this age, harness our eLearning solutions to upskill your workforce through microlearning and targeted digital learning. Boost performance, increase productivity and save time while ensuring a skillful well-trained workforce.

  • Saltbox
    salt box logo


    Saltbox has developed an LRS for the analysis and visualization of workplace learning, to help companies measure the impact of training on business results.

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  • SAP Litmos
    SAP Litmos Logo

    SAP Litmos

    SAP Litmos has integrated a xAPI compliant LRS with their web-based Litmos LMS.

  • ScholarLMS
    scholar lms logo


    ScholarLMS is a cloud-based LMS, free for startups and nonprofits. It allows a user to start their online school within minutes after signing up. ScholarLMS’s main focus is to help businesses and individuals start, grow and share their knowledge with the world in a structured and efficient manner. Something they can afford. We focus on technology, so you can focus on learning results! ScholarLMS supports xAPI enabled content in two ways. A user can either launch xAPI content using an external URL or upload the content to the LMS and then access it from there.

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  • SCORM Cloud
    scorm cloud logo

    SCORM Cloud

    SCORM Cloud takes care of all your eLearning needs from testing standards-based content to delivering courses and reporting on results. Sign up for a free trial, log in to SCORM Cloud online and manage your learning in one place or integrate SCORM Cloud functionality to your application via our API. Each SCORM Cloud account includes an LRS, in-depth reporting and delightful support. Use the SCORM Cloud LRS to set up multiple activity providers, forward statements to other LRSs and query xAPI statements from SCORM Cloud’s LRS. Whether your learners experience xAPI activities assigned to them online or initiate learning on their own outside of Cloud, SCORM Cloud can capture their experiences.

    SCORM Cloud
  • SeamsCloud
    seamscloud logo


    SeamsCloud is a cloud based Learning Management System that manages, plans and reports on all your company training activities. Our aim is to make training and compliance easy. Every step from scheduling training through to providing validation of learning is streamlined by SeamsCloud. Using the latest technologies training can be provided anytime, anywhere on any device. SeamsCloud supports the launch of xAPI and SCORM eLearning packages, as well as managing traditional classroom training. We store all records of training in our Learning Record Store (LRS) to provide customisable and audit-ready reporting. Managing training and compliance has never been so easy, made possible by features like automatic enrolment and renewal, and self registration of learners through custom branded client portals.

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  • Serco
    Serco logo


    Serco has developed Experience API-enabled mobile applications that report user actions with one or more Learning Record Stores.

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  • SightWorks
    sightworks logo


    SightWorks provides cloud-based products and services for the creation and management of business and training sites. Established in 1997, the company has developed and launched successful content and educational marketing programs for hundreds of customers including large manufacturers, retailers and member associations.

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  • Skilitics
    Skilitix logo


    Skilitics has integrated the Experience API with Skilitics Interact. Users of Skilitics Interact now have the ability to create scenario-based learning activities that issue xAPI statements.

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  • Skillaware
    skillaware logo


    Skillaware™ is a new Performance Support and Learning Analytics solution designed to support workforces during the rollout of new software platforms. Skillaware™ blends new business process improvement (BPMN), learning analytics (xAPI/xAPI) and technical documentation (DITA) specifications to automatically capture user experiences when using software platforms and automatically generate multiple language interactive guides to be used during the on boarding and engagement of new users onto new digital platforms and procedures. Skillaware™ cuts software training time and costs at a fraction, while dramatically increasing workforce productivity and performance.

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  • SkillBuilder LMS
    Skill builder LMS logo

    SkillBuilder LMS

    BaseCorp is an experienced learning solutions provider, partnering with associations, government and industry to design and deliver custom learning solutions. By working closely with our clients, we ensure that our learning and technical solutions are aligned with their core performance objectives. SkillBuilder® LMS is a multi-lingual, cloud-based learning management system that is accessible from anywhere, on any device. Our feature-rich, easy-to-use LMS lets you deliver, manage and track both online and offline learning. Our integrated Learning Record Store (LRS) allows you to easily import and track eLearning resources built in any xAPI compliant authoring tool.

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  • Skillo
    Skillo logo


    Go beyond “training” with Skillo. If training is transferring knowledge, coaching is transferring skill. Most organizations make the mistake of over-training and under-coaching. When someone on the team is not meeting goals, most are quick to say, “This person needs training,” NOT true, most of the time. People usually know enough but lack the practice and guidance to execute. In other words, skills are what matter. Pairing training with coaching makes all the difference, and that’s exactly what Skillo does. Skillo’s robust xAPI support offers easy tracking of knowledge and skill development in your LRS.

  • Skvare
    skvare logo


    Skvare (pronounced “square”) is a team of CMS (Drupal), CRM (CiviCRM), and Learning Management (Drupal-based LMS & LRS) experts that specialize in building online presence, community management, and online learning tools for non-profit organizations, professional societies, membership-driven associations, and educational institutions. We are techie geeks at heart. Some would call us very square, though with some quirks. Square and uneven. Skvare develops and implements a Drupal-based suite of modules that provides a fully-featured Experience API learning management system (LMS), including a Drupal native Experience API learning record store (LRS).

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  • SmartBuilder
    SmartBuilder Logo


    SmartBuilder is an award winning authoring tool that enables authors to create scenarios, games, performance support and other serious elearning faster. The tool provides three types of xAPI support: automatic standard statements, custom statements and advanced statements that support two-way communication with an LRS. All functionality can be performed within the tool, without requiring JavaScript. This gives you incredible power, reduced complexity, and time savings.

  • SmarterU
    smarter u lgoo


    SmarterU LMS’ TInCan support facilitates the use of xAPI enabled e-learning courses from leading authoring tools such as Articulate, Captivate, Lectora and others.

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    sofad logo


    SOFAD’s mission is to provide school boards with printed and online learning materials, thus helping them meet their needs stemming from the diversification of places, methods and courses of study, and to make its expertise available to other networks and organizations. SOFAD’s services are intended for francophone and anglophone school boards and the schools under their jurisdiction. SOFAD reports to a board of directors composed of representatives of school boards and educational institutions in Québec (Canada). SOFAD/author is a private WordPress based authoring tool plugin that enables designer to easily set-up and customize courses content. SOFAD/author also supports the deployment of xAPI content based on learners activity within the built-in course, interactivities, and quiz. SOFAD use SOFAD LRS (Learning Locker) a free, open source Learning Record Store to store, sort and share xAPI Learning activities data as generated by their learners.

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  • SoftServe
    softserve logo


    SoftServe has more than 10 years of experience in providing educational software solutions such as learning management systems (LMS), learning content management systems (LCMS), assessment software, reference software and online learning software that make managing educational programs and processes easier and more efficient. SoftServe used the Experience API to build a Experience API software accelerator for educational management companies, educational publishers and educational institutions in order to optimize clients’ costs for software development and accelerate time to market. The Experience API helps to identify areas of improvement for courses, and makes them more optimized and user friendly for learners. Based on Experience API historical data, you can identify the ways to empower users to consume the learning content in more effective ways. The Experience API software accelerator is extended with functions like gamification, social networking features and many others. Now with the Experience API software accelerator developed by SoftServe, your educational results will be delivered to any Experience API compatible LRS.

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  • SparkLearn
    SparkLearn logo


    Understanding content effectiveness, reuse and engagement is vital in your organizational learning strategy. SparkLearn uses the interoperability of xAPI to surface data in insightful ways, empowering you to make better decisions going forward. All learner activity in the SparkLearn Platform is recorded as xAPI statements providing a rich tapestry of data to your administrators.

  • Spoke
    spoke elearning logo


    Spoke, by Unboxed Technology, is a social learning platform that includes Experience API support via a content launcher and an LRS. So you can import, launch and track 3rd party xAPI activities alongside your SCORM content and other content types.

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  • Sprout Labs
    sprout labs logo

    Sprout Labs

    Sprout Labs is an innovative learning company that helps organisations transform the way they learn and perform We design and build authentic blended learning programs that embed the 70:20:10 workplace learning model. We are excited about using the Experience API to enable the 70:20:10 model.

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  • SquirrelThat
    squirrelthat logo


    SquirrelThat lets users capture learning notes in any context: while reading a book, doing an online course, attending a conference, or even in a coaching session. SquirrelThat will sync these notes across the user’s devices, but most importantly, give the user action choices for each note. It will even facilitate the implementation of these action choices. It uses the Experience API feed to tell the LRS what learners are learning, what action choices they are making and whether these choices were implemented. This of course provides valuable data as REAL evidence of learning. SquirrelThat is a free app to lifelong learners, but it also offers commercial options to employers, conference organizers, training providers and academic institutions. SquirrelThat is a Kalleo People Group company and they are currently recruiting resellers and collaborators across the globe.

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  • SumTotal
    Sumtotal logo


    SumTotal Learning Management is the only enterprise LMS that connects the dots between the skills and competencies people need now–delivered in the context of what they are trying to accomplish – and, prepares the organization for tomorrow, to measurably improve performance. We provide support for a variety of eLearning content standards including xAPI. Through SumTotal Learning Management, clients can deliver and track xAPI and CMI5 content. All activity and interaction data is stored in our Learning Records Store (LRS).

  • Survey Gizmo
    survey gizmo logo

    Survey Gizmo

    SurveyGizmo is an exceptionally powerful online quiz, survey, and assessment tool, packed with all of the features that big companies use, only priced so everyone can afford to collect the data they need. With our easy to use interface, you can quickly create, share, and report on assessments, quizzes, forms, customer satisfaction surveys, feedback input, and more. Integrate in just a few clicks, and instantly you’re pushing data directly into your LRS. It’s a little like magic.

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  • SweetRush
    sweetrush logo


    SweetRush has added the capability to create Experience API enabled e-learning courses.

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  • Synapse
    Synapse logo


    Synapse is the world’s first Learning Design System (LDS)®. Your learning team and subject matter experts will collaborate seamlessly to design, develop, manage, and scale corporate training needs quickly, easily, and effectively. With the xAPI integration, Synapse can securely communicate information back to your existing platforms (such as your LMS and LRS).

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  • Takeoff Trim
    Takeoff Trim logo

    Takeoff Trim

    Takeoff Trim is the technology leader in airline training. They develop Orientation VR that plays with or without VR headsets, and tracks user training records to an LMS. As content providers, they believe that “experience” in training can only be achieved and tracked with xAPI.

    Takeoff Trim
  • TalentLMS
    talent lms logo


    TalentLMS is a handy learning platform for growing organizations with an emphasis on usability and easy-course creation.
    The product is delivered “as as service” from the Cloud, without any downloads, updates or upgrades necessary.
    TalentLMS is able to receive xAPI statements through its built-in LRS, but users can also upload their own xAPI packages inside the LMS. TalentLMS is a product of Epignosis LLC, the vendor behind eFront LMS. Epignosis is steadily focused on integrating on its products the most recent eLearning standards and web technologies.

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  • TeamFolio


    TeamFolio software enables organizations to quickly & easily support today’s important efforts to improve employee agility, retention & efficiency by generating the most comprehensive, up-to-date & searchable employee skills profiles currently available. A big part of an employee’s skills and expertise profile is made up from courses and certifications usually recorded in our customers’ existing LMS/LRS. They use xAPI to receive data and route this information for appropriate presentation in employee profiles.

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  • Tech 2000
    tech 2000 logo

    Tech 2000

    Tech 2000 is an education-technology company that uses its award-winning LRS and mobile apps to highlight the real benefits of training for business. We aid businesses in assessing, developing and increasing the accessibility of content to engage your high performing workforce. We offer an LRS, SCORM wrapper, various LMS plug-ins as well as content development services. xAPI is a crucial step towards enabling tracking and reporting of learning activities on any device or learning scenario. As a company, they are focused on integrating the most recent learning standards and web technologies.

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  • tessello
    tessello logo


    tessello is a new web-based learning service from Brightwave which enables learner collaboration and curation alongside expert content to create a dynamic, work-relevant learning experience.

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  • Topyx
    top Yx logo


    TOPYX LMS is a fully-hosted, social learning management system without user, data or implementation fees. TOPYX clients include global users across all industries, including Fortune 100 public companies to midsize private companies, nonprofit organizations, associations, governmental agencies and educational institutions. Clients choose TOPYX because of its ease of use, engaging peer-to-peer learning tools, outstanding value, robust feature set, and dedicated support teams to provide compliance training, external portals, sales training, and other online learning management needs. TOPYX LMS will play and track Experience API courses with reporting data available in both TOPYX LMS reports and available to be exported to third parties using APIs.

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  • Torch LMS
    Torch LMS logo

    Torch LMS

    Torch LMS is a powerful, yet easy to use LMS. They are proud to have been one of the first to integrate the Experience API with their LMS. They are excited about the powerful new features this provides to their customers.

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  • ToroTools
    toro tools logo


    Toro ECM tool is an open source document management system project with social and collaboration features. Torotools has integrated the Experience API, allowing Toro ECM tool to send relevant information to any xAPI conformant LMS/LRS about document consumption or collaboration tasks like rating and tagging documents, or comments made to the documents.

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  • TorranceLearning
    TorranceLearning logo


    TorranceLearning is among the early adopters and leaders in the xAPI community. Beginning with our first-place xAPI HyperDrive project at the 2014 eLearning Guild DevLearn conference, multiple Guild DemoFest and Brandon Hall Award winning xAPI Projects and continuing today as we lead xAPI Party (conference) and the xAPI Learning Cohort experience, we are working to increase adoption of and education about the specification. We offer public and private workshops, custom design and development, and consulting services.

  • Train-Up!
    train up logo


    Train-Up! is a WordPress plugin that enables businesses small and large to train their employees online. For the trainees, it offers a simple interface with interactive tests and learning resources, and for the managers it offers insight into trainee learning progress and performance. Train-Up! has the ability to integrate with a Learning Record Store of your choice and can track specific events that occur throughout the trainees learning experience.

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  • Training Pipeline
    Training Pipeline Logo

    Training Pipeline

    Training Pipeline is a fully functional LMS. It includes functionality for ILT, VILT, e-learning, assessments, 360 feedback questionnaires, coaching, and more. Training Pipeline is powered by Looking Forward Consulting and is built on a LRS and xAPI infrastructure.

    Training Pipeline
  • Tumult Hype
    Tumult logo

    Tumult Hype

    Create stunning animated and interactive web content with Hype. Hype’s HTML5 output works on all modern browsers and mobile devices. Paired with the free xAPI Export Script, Tumult Hype is a powerful low code authoring environment for interactive learning experiences. The extension empowers you to capture the whole gamut of xAPI verbs, objects, and statements to integrate with your LMS.

    Tumult Hype
  • TUTORize
    TUTORize logo


    We are providing the matching platform, so that further training and qualification in the form of online-learning, E-Learning or in-person-training will run smoothly within your company. Our team developed a software, which will enable you to automate learning, to recognize and purposefully promote skills as well as to digitalize company knowledge. The xAPI-Format can be included into self-created courses/ trainings and hence can be uploaded to the platform. The platform supports this E-Learning-Format.

  • Unicon
    unicon logo


    Unicon, one of the original Sakai Commercial Affiliates, has years of experience designing and implementing open source solutions for higher education and education technology companies. With a vested interest in ensuring Sakai’s long-term success, Unicon is one of the leading contributors of the community effort to add Experience API support to the Sakai CLE. The company’s focus is enterprise deployments of open source software for student success and retention, mobile computing, learning management systems, portals, online video, calendaring, email, and collaboration.

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  • Unicorn Training
    unicorn logo

    Unicorn Training

    For almost 30 years, Unicorn Training has been providing the Financial Services and Procurement sectors with great learning experiences, backed up by robust management and reporting features with their intuitive platform SkillsServe.

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  • Upside Learning
    upside learning logo

    Upside Learning

    Upside Learning is one of the world’s leading learning technology solutions companies. It helps organizations to improve performance through effective use of learning solutions. Upside Learning has integrated Experience API into its proprietary courseware framework. This enables it to create xAPI-compliant custom learning courses for desktops and mobile devices (including tablets), tailor-made to the client’s requirements.

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  • Vado Inc.
    Vado logo

    Vado Inc.

    Vado is an award winning, off the shelf e-learning courseware provider. We offer over 400 micro-learning courses specializing in leadership/management development, employee business skills and sales. Our courses are published in xAPI. Download our catalog at http://www.vadoinc.net/OurCourses/index.html

    Vado Inc.
  • Valamis


    The Valamis Learning Experience Platform (LXP) is a learning platform built for employee training, development, reskilling and upskilling. Valamis supports the Experience API (xAPI) standard with a built-in Learning Record Store (LRS), which enables you to track, record, and analyze learning. Valamis offers a powerful Learning Analytics engine using the Enterprise-Grade Learning Record Store. The analytics engine allows for the assessment of the learning program that needs improvement, ultimately providing more guidance for the learners.

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  • Veracity Learning

    Veracity Learning

    Veracity Learning includes powerful graphing and reporting tools to visualize learning data and detect trends. You’ll gain valuable insights from your first statement with our special support for common xAPI profiles.

    Veracity Learning
  • Veracity Technology Consultants, LLC

    Veracity Technology Consultants, LLC

    We provide world-class solutions to meet a variety of engineering, data, and systems integration challenges. Our unique range of skills in systems engineering, data integration, and learning standards all help drive our forward-thinking solutions.

  • Vistacast
    vistacast logo


    Vistacast’s offers consulting, services and products for enterprise virtual learning environment deployments. The services and products are based on xAPI standards to track learners’ experience statements. Vistacast’s vMobiLearn enables course developers and training administrators to provide full quality video and HTML 5 interactive courses to mobile users. Content and App xAPI Experience Statements are available, even if learners are not connected to the Internet. Learners can use video or any other digital content and take quizzes. The results are available to any LRS for measurement and correlation.

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  • Watershed
    Watershed logo


    Watershed is a learning record store and learning analytics platform in one. Collect and standardize data across your learning ecosystem to automate reporting, reduce scrap learning, and aid in the continuous improvement of learning and development.

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  • Webanywhere
    webanywhere logo


    Founded in 2003 as a learning technology company providing solutions to the education sector, Webanywhere has diversified to support lifelong learning across the public, private and third sectors. As an official Moodle and Totara partner, Webanywhere deploys hundreds of LMS solutions across the World. Thanks to the Experience API, Webanywhere has been able to help organizations take into account experiential learning and link their performance data with learning data to make better business decisions.

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  • webAula
    web aula logo


    webAula S/A uses Experience API in its content and authoring tool, Cloud Studio. This makes it possible to create courses in HTML5 and Flash and export them in SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 and xAPI formats. Besides that, webAula S/A has more than 100 professionals that develop custom content solutions, such as educational games and e-learning courses, following these same formats and standards.

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  • Webdoor
    Webdoor logo


    Webdoor is a company that for 17 years has been accompanying medium and large organizations in the implementation of eLearning solutions for the training of their collaborators. We offer solutions tailored to the needs of the companies that hire us. Our products and services are generated from the detailed analysis of the requirements of those companies that come to request our participation in their training processes. We define integral training actions that include mobile applications, courses, career plans, games, blended learning, etc., applying in the process standards such as SCORM and TIN CAN.

  • WebRatio
    webratio logo


    WebRatio used the Experience API to create its own Cloud LMS. The LMS is integrated with an innovative gamification web application, WebRatio Community. It tracks SCORM and xAPI conformant web-based training (online training library), technical articles, job aids, online certifications, tips and tricks and other activities that reward knowledge sharing among fans of the WebRatio Platform. The Cloud LMS and gamification web apps are also seamlessly integrated with a CRM system and an eCommerce system. Thanks to the Experience API, WebRatio has been able to create its own Learning Record Store and an innovative game system. This challenges WebRatio users to appear on leaderboards, earn Points, and build their reputation, all of which incentivize learning activities. The Cloud LMS and the gamification platform are offered to WebRatio customers. Both the LMS and the platform could be quickly tailored to any customer’s needs thanks to being based on WebRatio Platform, a visual modeling tool used to create Web and Mobile Applications.

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  • WestNet Learning
    westnet logo

    WestNet Learning

    A veteran-owned global learning provider founded in 1996 and located in Wheat Ridge, CO. WestNet Learning provides e-learning and classroom delivery tools to corporate enterprises, academic institutions, associations, government agencies, and training suppliers. Learning products include: Cloud Learning Management System (LMS), eLearning courses, published textbooks, e-books, and prescriptive assessments. Today, organizations large and small from around the world have adopted the WestNet Cloud Based LMS (WestNet MLP) to provide “affordable” world-class e-learning and classroom training registration to learners worldwide. WestNet Learning adopted the Experience API / xAPI standard and incorporated it into the Cloud Based LMS (WestNet MLP) to ensure our clients have the latest in technology, and systems to provide a premium experience for mobile delivery and training tracking for their enterprise.

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  • White House Business Solutions
    white house business solutions logo

    White House Business Solutions

    White House Business Solutions (WHBS) is one of the leading-edge technology companies providing end-to-end e-learning solutions and integrated business applications to a wide spectrum of clients including government organizations, academic institutions and enterprises worldwide. They’re a part of White House Group with a group employee base of over 3000+ and over 300+ in Information Technology and Multimedia. Since their inception in 1999, they’ve built a successful business by providing quality, cost-effective and time-bound solutions to clients around the globe. They have a state-of-the-art development center based in Chennai, India, which is one of the world’s favorite outsourcing destinations. Their global sales offices are strategically located in the USA, UK, France, Malaysia, UAE and Saudi Arabia. They have a great track record and expertise in developing learning management solutions with international content standards such as SCORM 2004 and AICC. They’re very proud to join in the community of xAPI adopters. By referring and developing xAPI conformance in their custom content development, they persuade more of their global clients to undergo the paradigm shift from SCORM to xAPI.

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  • WiDiD


    WiDiD Immersive platform offers a unique virtual reality training experience, fully compatible with xAPI. We strongly believe that our innovative integration of xAPI enhances the learning experience and enables accurate tracking of user performance.

    WiDiD Immersive
  • WinjiGo


    WinjiGo is a learning platform designed for next generation teaching and learning using different teaching strategies. WinjiGo captures students events using xAPI, saves them in our LRS and provide analytics to teachers to better design their content and follow up on their students.

  • WPLMS Learning management system for WordPress
    WPLMS logo

    WPLMS Learning management system for WordPress

    WPLMS by VibeThemes is a WordPress Theme which converts your eLearning site into Social LMS. Built on BuddyPress social network plugin, it has features like, Front end course builder, Student manager, Activity tracker, User Dashboards, Instructor commissions, Directories, Groups, Members, Messaging, Live chat, Friends, Followers, Notifications, Timetables, Learning Paths, Wishlists, Collections, Gifts, Quizzes, advanced statistics, reports, auto-schedulers, assignments, live video conferencing and much more. WPLMS uses WooCommerce to sell courses which supports over 140 payment gateways from different countries. WPLMS supports sending xAPI statements to external LRS based on internal user activity in course, units, quizzes and assignments. You can also embed xAPI compliant content packages inside WPLMS and record statements in internal activity module or an external LRS.

  • Wyver Solutions
    wyver solutions logo

    Wyver Solutions

    Wyver Solutions is an established, independent learning solutions architecture practice – specialising in providing support, advice and training at the interface between learning, business and technology. xAPI has begun to form a major part of our work, as we help organisations to explore its potential and design solutions that are bespoke for them, whilst holding to the vision of xAPI to provide a common language. Our work is primarily with large corporate organisations and government departments or agencies – but through this we are often found providing workshops and writing specifications for software houses and learning technology companies who are new to xAPI.

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  • xapi.ly
    xapi.ly logo


    Use xapi.ly Statement Builder to get more and better xAPI data from elearning created in common authoring platforms. xapi.ly helps you create the JavaScript triggers to send a wide variety of rich xAPI statements to the Learning Record Store (LRS) of your choice.

    Use xapi.ly to help you send more and richer xAPI data from elearning courses that are:

    • hosted in an LMS and sending SCORM,
    • hosted on any site or learning experience platform with an LRS, or
    • hosted in or pointing to an LRS and using xAPI only
  • xAPIapps
    xapi apps logo


    xAPI Apps makes starting your xAPI project simple. In minutes you can connect your favorite apps and start creating and delivering xAPI-driven learning experiences.

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  • Xyleme
    xyleme logo


    Xyleme is the leader in standards-based learning content management solutions that enable single-source publishing of training content across all print, online and mobile formats. Xyleme’s latest innovation Bravais® — the cloud-based, dynamic delivery platform, comes complete with LRS and dashboards to visualize xAPI statements coming from any learning object, in any application, on any device. Xyleme is on a mission to help companies measure learning like they measure their website, taking a “google analytics” approach, so they can improve their content at the speed of business and report on 100% of learning in the same language the business speaks.

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  • Yet Analytics
    Yet analytics logo

    Yet Analytics

    The Yet Analytics xAPI LRS is the world’s most visual learning record store. The Yet xAPI LRS unifies and visualizes data from across your learning ecosystem with automated analytics dashboards, so you can measure the impact of your training programs.

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  • YouTestMe
    YouTestMe logo


    YouTestMe is a suite of software developed by Malloc Corporation with headquarters in Toronto, Canada. The key features include test creation, test management, test-taking, item authoring, and an advanced reporting system. When the YouTestMe application finishes the test, xAPI is used to send the score to the Learning Record Store (LRS).

  • Zavango
    zavango logo


    Zavango Engage is a cloud based solution enabling organisations and educational institutes to create and distribute effective and engaging rich interactive learning programs and videos and to measure and analyze all of the learning activities. All from one solution and in the cloud. Zavango Engage uses xAPI to track and report on all of the learning events either directly in Engage or through a 3rd party system like an LMS

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  • ZebraZapps
    zebrazapps logo


    ZebraZapps is an extraordinarily powerful cloud based authoring tool, empowering everyone with the ability to create authentic learning experiences. With a completely visual interface and the flexibility of a programming language, everyone from professional instructional designers to 5th graders are building engaging applications. ZebraZapps is supporting the Experience API, a key component to effectively providing organizations the power of an experienced workforce. Look for a full implementation of the Experience API in ZebraZapps Professional.

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  • Zoola Analytics

    Zoola Analytics

    Zoola Analytics powered by Lambda Solutions, is the market-leading reporting and analytics solution for xAPI learning technologies. Lambda Solutions is an eLearning solutions company, providing learning management systems (LMS) technology, training and services for Education, Healthcare, and Global Enterprise Organizations. Hosted in the cloud on world-class, secure infrastructure, Lambda’s solutions are scalable, configurable online learning and training platforms for Employees, Students, Partners, and Customers. Founded in 2002, Lambda Solutions is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, with offices in Novi Sad, Serbia, and Seattle, WA, United States.

    Zoola Analytics