xAPI blog xAPI adoption by our numbers

A behind the scenes look at xAPI adoption by our numbers

Here at Rustici Software we’re in a unique position in the industry as we provide eLearning standards support for hundreds of learning platforms and have more than 1,500 SCORM Cloud customers, plus over 30,000 active trial users who use to test and deliver content. This…

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xAPI blog what's the state of xAPI? Find out at DevLearn

What’s the state of xAPI? Find out at DevLearn’s xAPI Camp

Seven years. That’s how long xAPI (then it was called Tin Can API .95 version) has been out in the world. From release improvements to progress on standardization, xAPI has significantly grown—but where does adoption of the eLearning specification stand today? Find out on Tuesday,…

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xAPI blog let's hear it for the new xAPI Audio Profile

Let’s hear it for the new xAPI Audio Profile

Over the past couple months, I have been pursuing the creation of a new xAPI Profile: the Audio Profile! This Profile has recently been approved and merged into the ADL Profile Repository, which means it is ready for use within the xAPI community. The Audio…

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xAPI.com is getting a brand new look

If you’ve been following this blog for a long time, you’ll know that it’s gone through a number of iterations. From TinCanAPI.com to ExperienceAPI.com to now xAPI.com, this website has always been devoted to what the spec is, how it works and why it matters…

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News to Me: Statement Forwarding

Since joining Rustici Software at the start of November 2014, I’ve been discovering some interesting products and features within Rustici Software and outside. This "News to Me" series of blogs highlights some of these surprises! One of the key benefits of xAPI is that data…

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The Next Leap for Your Cloud LRS

If you missed our post about Quack, you should check that out before digesting this post. This post is to tell you about one of the creations that came out of Quack. SCORM Cloud has been the easiest way for you to get your own…

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Engine is Making 0.95 Look Easy

I’m really happy to say that the newest version of our Engines support the 0.95 Experience API spec! SCORM Cloud has supported 0.95 for a while, and we just updated the prototypes on our site to 0.95 as well. It’s a whole lot of awesome…

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SCORM Engine is ready to spread some xAPI love!

If we had a mountain close by, we'd be shouting this from the very top. Seeing as we don't, this blog post will have to do. SCORM Engine 2012.1 is officially available, and it includes support for the Experience API. For those of you new…

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a guy in a tour guide t shirt with his mouth open

Welcome to TinCanAPI.com

My name is Andy and I’ll be your tour guide today.  Let’s go! First stop: What is xAPI?  Here you’ll learn what the Experience API is, how it works, and why it matters. This is also where we’ll showing you who the current adopters are…

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