Recently someone came to us looking for recommendations on how to get more detailed reporting from an assessment published as cmi5 from their authoring tool. They are capturing the score and pass/fail status of the overall assessment in the main AU, but are also trying to collect question-level details, similar to how you might use interactions in SCORM.

Our recommendation

For capturing interaction/question-like results in cmi5 we recommend using a “cmi5 allowed” statement such that the statement can be correlated with the rest of the AU’s session results.

This isn’t defined by the specification today, but you could use the following path that our Rustici Driver tool uses for handling interactions:  

Rustici Driver uses the verb Answered (, sets the Activity Type to Interaction ( and associates the statement with the AU via the `context.contextActivities.parent` list, along with all of the normal cmi5 context template handling (such as registration, session, etc.).

So if you want to start collecting question-level details within cmi5 assessments, give the above a try.

Brian Miller is the Director of Engineering and is also the most pedantic person at the office, which is saying something. That skill makes him great at ensuring our products support the standards, which is precisely what he spends his days doing.