xapi blog considering an LRS

What to consider when selecting an LRS

We field lots of questions about the basics of xAPI. The most common request is help finding a Learning Record Store (LRS). While there are many LRSs available these days, there are a few different flavors or varieties. Understanding what your requirements and expectations are…

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moving and receiving xAPI data between LRSs

Moving and receiving xAPI data in an LRS rich environment

As you build your xAPI ecosystem, you’ll likely compile a number of LRSs. Developing a strategy for moving and receiving xAPI data between LRSs becomes essential, which is why our CEO TJ outlined tactical steps for doing just that during his recent xAPI Cohort presentation. To…

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Experience API (xAPI) Open Source Roundup

We’ve had some great contributions from the community over the last three months, and thrown in a little of our own time to push a bunch of our open source libraries and tools forward. Here’s a summary: TinCanJava - 0.7.0 Hot off the press is…

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picture of three cubes

An Open Can of Tin Badges

People have been talking about a crossover between Open Badges and the Experience API (xAPI) since 2012. Blogs have been written, ideas shared and there’s even a Twitter account that got set up at one point! Nobody has actually come to the point of defining…

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A Big Upgrade for the Bookmarklet

The xAPI reporting bookmarklet has been around a long time, at least in terms of a now over one year old specification’s life. It was originally just a prototype, a simple way to show a pre-configured Agent could send a Statement about a readily available…

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New .NET Library for the Experience API is Now Available!

Our resident xAPI expert, Brian Miller, has been working on an updated .NET library that supports xAPI 1.0.0+. Great news! As of today, it's available here for you to use. What’s changed? The .NET Library has been completely rewritten. It now reflects the same architecture…

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Helping Jane Hart Understand xAPI

The other day Jane Hart tweeted: @C4LPT I can't understand this fixation on SCORM & now TinCan; it's not about managing learning but abt improved performance thru learning I started to respond to the conversation on Twitter, but 140 characters just isn't enough. Jane is…

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xAPI Evangelists and Onion Enthusiasts

As a "xAPI-first" company and self proclaimed xAPI Evangelists, we see it as our duty to spread the good word about the Experience API and plant the seed with folks like you about all of the new possibilities it enables. In doing this, we've had countless conversations. Each conversation…

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