xapi blog seeking guest bloggers

Seeking guest bloggers! Help us evangelize xAPI.

xAPI has grown and changed a lot since we first launched this website back in 2012. Since then, we’ve published 179 blog posts that help you understand and implement the Experience API. To keep up our pace, we could use your help! We’re putting out…

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Profile Recipes vs xAPI Profiles

Profile Recipes vs. xAPI Profiles

What's the difference between profile recipes and xAPI profiles? Well, they essentially serve the same purpose. The difference primarily lies in the timeline. Profile Recipes A "profile recipe" was an early attempt to make it possible for members of the xAPI community to publicly share…

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moving and receiving xAPI data between LRSs

Moving and receiving xAPI data in an LRS rich environment

As you build your xAPI ecosystem, you’ll likely compile a number of LRSs. Developing a strategy for moving and receiving xAPI data between LRSs becomes essential, which is why our CEO TJ outlined tactical steps for doing just that during his recent xAPI Cohort presentation. To…

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Preparing xAPI for IEEE standardization

A few weeks back, I went to the first in-person meeting of the IEEE xAPI Base Standard working group. We're continuing the process of preparing the existing xAPI 1.0.3 specification to submit to a larger audience at IEEE for consideration as a standard. A major…

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The new xAPI.com is here!

Welcome to the brand new xAPI.com! A couple of weeks ago we published a blog letting you know why we’re making this change. Long story short: we’ve given RusticiSoftware.com, SCORM.com and xAPI.com a relaunch that highlights top visited pages, makes it easy to navigate between…

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iFest 2018- here we come!

We’re excited to announce that Rustici Software will be heading to iFest August  27-29 in Alexandria, VA to spend a few days with ADL as well as government and industry partners to talk about the future of the eLearning ecosystem. Our very own TJ Seabrooks…

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xAPI.com is getting a brand new look

If you’ve been following this blog for a long time, you’ll know that it’s gone through a number of iterations. From TinCanAPI.com to ExperienceAPI.com to now xAPI.com, this website has always been devoted to what the spec is, how it works and why it matters…

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Deciding when to use xAPI

For the better part of seven years, Tim Martin, our CEO at Rustici Software, has carried his xAPI hammer around telling the story of what the standard enables. The problem with his hammering is that it has led some to consider xAPI the solution to…

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