xAPI Developer Tools

  • Client libraries

    View open source client libraries.

    Get libraries
  • Prototypes

    View a collection of JavaScript prototypes that implement xAPI.

    Explore xAPI
  • Registry

    Store and discover xAPI profiles.

    Discover profiles
  • LRS Conformance test suite

    Find out about the ADL LRS Conformance Test Suite.

    Test your LRS
  • Statement generator

    Send and retrieve data from an LRS via a developer UI.

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  • Bookmarklet

    Capture web pages that you ‘experience’ and post those statements to an LRS.

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Experience API documentation

  • The xAPI Spec

    View the current version of the xAPI Specification 1.0.3.

    Get the spec
  • ADL resources

    See a collection of resources from Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL).

    Learn more

Technical deep dives

Need help getting started with xAPI? Ask us anything.

While there are many resources available to help you navigate xAPI, we’re also happy to set up a time to talk about your specific application and use cases.