Welcome to the brand new xAPI.com! A couple of weeks ago we published a blog letting you know why we’re making this change. Long story short: we’ve given RusticiSoftware.com, SCORM.com and xAPI.com a relaunch that highlights top visited pages, makes it easy to navigate between sites and uses modern, responsive design.

In preparation for writing this post, I went back to the archives and was amused to read the first blog post by Andy Whitaker, aka Tin Candy. Andy was hired to evangelize the spec and still does that in his work as a sales guy. His blog post makes it clear, right off the bat, that in addition to providing information about the xAPI specification, this website would be a place for the community.

That community focus manifested itself in a number of ways since launch. Our xAPI Adopters feature companies and products that make use of the spec. Our blogs have featured interviews with industry movers and shakers. We’ve loved sharing xAPI case studies as blog posts and pages here. But in the past couple of years, the amount of community content on this site has decreased. With this relaunch, we’re looking to change that.

If you’re using xAPI and have a story to tell, let’s tell it. If you have recommendations and best practices that you want to share to the community, let’s do it. As of today, we’ll be accepting guest content from the community. If you have something to share, just fill out this form and we’ll be in touch.