xAPI has grown and changed a lot since we first launched this website back in 2012. Since then, we’ve published 179 blog posts that help you understand and implement the Experience API. To keep up our pace, we could use your help! We’re putting out a call for guest bloggers interested in sharing fresh perspective on xAPI or stories about how they’re moving the industry forward.

Examples of things we’re looking for? Case studies about implementing xAPI. Ideas about how xAPI should continue to evolve. Actions you’re taking to evolve the spec. Opinions about how xAPI relates to other eLearning standards. Examples of innovation.

Have something to say? Awesome. Fill out our xAPI Guest Blogger form, which allows you to request to appear as a writer on our site. Generally, we ask that content be written in advance, which makes the publishing process more efficient. If you have any questions about what we’re looking for, what type of content we accept or how this works, reach out! We’re always here to help.