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Our New Guest Blogger – Julie Dirksen!

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Categories: Guest Bloggers, Ideas, xAPI

Posted 4 September 2012


With the guest blogger series, we’re looking to pull in the views and opinions of people across the community who are all part of the bigger ecosystem xAPI plays in. That’s why we’re really happy to have Julie here. She’s brilliant and has been designing learning experiences for the last 15 years.

Julie is a consultant and an instructional designer. She wrote a book, Design for How People Learn, in which she gets ridiculously excited about everything from learning applications of behavioral economics to the way glucose is regulated in the brain. It’s a must read. You can find about more about Julie at and follow her on Twitter @UsableLearning.

Her post will be up tomorrow. Sign up for blog updates in that enormous box above this post if you want to be reminded about it.