You’re tired of hearing us talk. We’re tired of hearing ourselves talk. Glad we’re agreeing so far.
Now we’re bringing you a series of posts from people who are, importantly, not us. People in learning and the xAPI communities, out there trying to make things better everyday. With this, we’re hoping to give you fresh perspectives on xAPI and the possibilities for people working together to move forward.

There’s no guarantee of frequency here, because the people we’re bothering are seriously busy, but there will be a number of these posts. If you would like to contribute, please leave a comment or email me megan.bowe[at]
I’m very excited about the first post in the series. The seriously inspiring Wendy Wickham of George Washington University will be telling you what she thinks about xAPI. If you don’t know Wendy, she’s often found on Twitter @wwickha1 and blogging here.
Wendy’s post will be up a little later this week, be ready.