I’m really happy to say that the newest version of our Engines support the 0.95 Experience API spec! SCORM Cloud has supported 0.95 for a while, and we just updated the prototypes on our site to 0.95 as well. It’s a whole lot of awesome to try out. Right now, in the real world.

Our previous version supported the 0.90 xAPI spec and we will keep up with the spec as it evolves to 1.0 next spring. One of the major advantages of Engine is that standards often evolve, and it’s difficult to keep up with them. With Engine, you don’t have to worry about that — it’s what we do, and we’re the best at it.

If you haven’t noticed, we have a few versions of our Engine. Engine was born out of the need for LMSs to be able to play and collect data from SCORM and AICC content. As xAPI has evolved, Engine has come right along with it. We have a xAPI Engine which is a locally installed LRS that we integrate with your existing systems. There’s also a version of SCORM Engine that includes xAPI, so you get the best SCORM and AICC support and the best xAPI support. This newest version of SCORM Engine also has some other interesting bits, here are the details of the new release from the engine master, John Hayden.

Many of our customers are upgrading now. If you want to upgrade or you’re interested in seeing a walkthrough, get in touch. We would love to talk.