If we had a mountain close by, we’d be shouting this from the very top. Seeing as we don’t, this blog post will have to do.
SCORM Engine 2012.1 is officially available, and it includes support for the Experience API. For those of you new to SCORM Engine, here’s the 411: SCORM Engine is a piece of software that can be added to existing LMSs. It entirely takes care of the e-learning standards piece of the equation (the hard part) and lets LMSs accept many types of e-learning content, worry free. A massive portion of the e-learning industry relies on the SCORM Engine to provide world-class standards support. Now the SCORM Engine supports the Experience API, and in particular the ability to accept xAPI statements on its own or inside an LMS.

SCORM Engine 2012.1 gives you a lot!

We want your organization to always be on the leading edge of e-learning. The Experience API, the next version of SCORM, is here, and it will be the preferred way to track learning experiences in the very near future (some are already taking advantage of xAPI’s capabilities). With the Experience API now baked into the latest version of the SCORM Engine, your organization can start using it just by integrating SCORM Engine 2012.1 into your LMS (or if you’re a current Engine customer, just by upgrading)!

So what’s new in 2012.1?

  • Your very own Learning Record Store (LRS)With 2012.1 comes a locally installed, Experience API compliant Learning Record Store capable of receiving xAPI statements from LMS launched courses, and from learning activities that live outside of the LMS. The LRS can also send learning records to your LMS, reporting tools, and other LRSs. This alone is huge, but there’s more!
  • Traditional LMS workflow can remain the same with xAPI courses. Import and launch properly configured xAPI courses the same way you import and launch SCORM & AICC courses.
  • Convert old and new SCORM & AICC registrations to xAPI statements. We realize you have a massive pile of SCORM & AICC registrations residing in your LMS. With 2012.1, you can generate xAPI statements from SCORM & AICC registrations automatically and on-demand. This will allow you to include old and new SCORM & AICC data into your future xAPI reporting.
  • xAPI Statement Viewer. The statement viewer provides visibility into the stream of xAPI statement being received by your Learning Record Store.

One more thing! Introducing the SCORM Engine Console

SCORM Engine 2012.1 includes an administrative interface known as Console. Console acts as your xAPI dashboard, providing direct access to the xAPI Statement Viewer as well as the xAPI Authentication Manager. xAPI Authentication Manager allows you to manage the xAPI activity providers that have the ability to write statements to your Learning Record Store.
Console also provides easy to access diagnostic data about your specific configuration and integration settings. This will be a huge help to system administrators when troubleshooting issues and planning large scale system updates.

As you can probably tell, we’re firm believers that the Experience API is going to revolutionize our industry, and we’re so excited about the role SCORM Engine 2012.1 will play. If you’re ready to get started quickly, to be a true early adopter, let us know. If you’d rather just ask questions, do that too.

Andy joined our team to evangelize xAPI. Now he talks to people about all of the eLearning standards all day because he is considered a “salesperson.” He’s also our office jokester – he’s a punny guy.