There are four essential elements of cmi5: Assignable Unit (AU), Course Package, Learning Management System (LMS) and Learning Record Store (LRS). The following explains about the four elements and then puts it altogether to show the process of cmi5. 

Assignable Unit (AU)

AUs are the launchable pieces of content that include the concepts of completion, pass/fail, score and duration. Each learning activity within the course structure is an AU. Learn more about AUs.

Course Package

The course package consists of all the AUs in a course and their launch parameters. It represents the course structure and acts as a package of references to each AU. A course package is an XML file and must be called `cmi5.xml` when saved in a ZIP file. See more about course packages.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Learners use an LMS to launch cmi5 content, and the LMS registers learners, launches the content, tracks the learner’s progress and analyzes and reports on learner performance. 

Learning Record Store (LRS)

The LRS receives, stores and returns xAPI statements, and every other tool sending or retrieving learning activity data interacts with the LRS. When considering what an LRS is, remember that the S stands for STORE, meaning that the LRS’s basic function is storing and making xAPI statements available. Learn more about LRSs.

cmi5 Process

cmi5 uses xAPI to track and send data about learning activities to a conformant LRS. Here’s how the process works.

  1. Author creates one or more separately launchable AUs and a course structure and provides satisfaction rules. 
  2. Administrator imports the course package into the LMS. 
  3. Administrator enrolls learners. 
  4. LMS records the enrollment as a registration.
  5. Learner initiates the launch of an AU. 
  6. LMS prepares launch and session data and records in the LRS. 
  7. LMS redirects the learner to the AU presentation.
  8. Learners interact with the AU. 
  9. AU records activities, scores, mastery and completion to the LRS.

The process of cmi5

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