Why should I implement cmi5?

cmi5 was specifically designed and is for anyone wanting to benefit from xAPI’s advanced tracking capabilities while still being able to launch from an LMS. cmi5 is also perfect for L&D professionals wanting to use an LMS and incorporate and track learning experiences with newer technologies. 

xAPI + LMS = cmi5

Diagram showing new technologies working with an LMS

What’s in it for me?

cmi5 opens up the best of both worlds: having xAPI’s flexibility for tracking virtually any learning activity while maintaining the structure of SCORM that learning technologies and systems have traditionally relied upon. Plus, you’ll have the ability to launch and track newer technologies, like mobile, simulations, virtual reality, augmented reality, serious gaming and more.

Key cmi5 Benefits

Solves the LMS use case

cmi5 was purposely designed to have the advanced tracking capabilities of xAPI and to be launched by a traditional LMS, which continues to be a key part of learning ecosystems. 

Supports distributed content 

Allows CaaS models of delivery so content doesn’t have to be stored inside the LMS. 

Permits device/OS/browser independence

Content can reside anywhere, including outside of a browser, offline and mobile.

Allows data sharing

Fetches data out of the LRS and displays the data in the course. For example, your course requires data that was input earlier to be displayed at a later time. 

Controls over pop ups and exit behaviors

Content authors can provide explicit instructions about requiring pop ups. No matter the display mechanism, course exiting behavior is more consistent and reliable with modern browsers.

When to use cmi5

You want to know and use the right standard for your course or activity, but with so many different standards and specifications to choose from, knowing which is the best fit can be tricky. Here are a few key use cases for when to use cmi5.

Capturing advanced learning data 

When more advanced data beyond what SCORM standards support is desired. cmi5 uses xAPI with controlled vocabularies to ensure plug and play interoperability across systems.

Creating or acquiring xAPI enabled activities

cmi5 is the preferred xAPI Profile when incorporating xAPI enabled activities that will be launched from an LMS. Using an xAPI Profile other than cmi5 could create data portability and semantic interoperability problems.

Incorporating new training technologies

SCORM hasn’t been extensible enough to track newer training technologies, like simulations, virtual reality, augmented reality and non-browser based applications. cmi5 is flexible enough to track these activities launched from an LMS.

Developing content for the US Department of Defense

The DoD now lists xAPI as the preferred learning standard and includes maintaining a cmi5 conformant LMS and an xAPI LRS as a path to xAPI implementation. See the full comparison of SCORM, xAPI and cmi5.

Have questions?

If you think your organization will benefit from cmi5 but still have some questions, our team is here to help. Ask us anything. Really.