I’ve been spending a lot of time with teachers and K-12 lately. One of the main things that I’ve heard in using technology in the classroom or online is that scaling is hard. When kids get moving with an app or site, they accelerate like the roadrunner at the most wildly opportune time to set up the coyote to be smashed by the anvil.

When a teacher has multiple apps being used at once with a group, they begin feeling like the coyote. Using each app’s own backend reporting to get an overall view of the students activities over a period of time is not just hard, it’s painful. Think of all of those .csv exports with fields that don’t match in the slightest.
Let’s go to the ideal present (if there were no constraints and everything you had right now worked exactly as you dreamed it should). If all of these apps made xAPI statements, all of that data could come to one place. It could show what the group is doing across tools. It could show what an individual has done. Teachers could visualize the big picture of a student’s experiences in the class. No more logging in to multiple systems, no more dragging columns around, and forget exports.
What’s your ideal present?