Airlines use complex software and systems for their operations. Enormous retailers have incredibly efficient supply chain management and retail operation systems. Despite these impressive systems, it’s still common for big companies to send managers out to evaluate employee performance with clipboards full of paper checklists.

When it comes to evaluating employee performance, they use these paper checklists for multiple people, which end up having to be manually entered into a computer system. Meanwhile the evaluating person almost always has a device on them that could easily capture what is on their clipboard.

We’re a little stunned by this.

So, we built this handy little checklist app to use with xAPI. It’s a demo to show just how easy it is to pull in this information automatically. It’s another way that xAPI helps with real performance support. It’s a simple application that lets you create collections of activities that matter to a particular skill, role, competency, etc. As those activities are checked off in the application, a statement is made. When an entire list is completed, another statement is made.
In the checklist app, each activity can be marked pass, fail or incomplete. So, for example, if a person learning to drive fails to parallel park properly, that gets recorded. If their instructor gives them a second chance and they succeed, then the pass is recorded.

This is a really easy way to save paper and data entry time. It’s not currently setup to be used publicly, but you’re welcome to contact us if you’re interested.