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Categories: News, Standards

Posted 14 June 2012


Innovation always builds on something prior. In 2009, LETSI (Learning, Education, and Training Systems Interoperability) collected a fantastic set of white papers outlining problems in our industry that seemed worth solving. Working groups gathered to attempt to solve some of those problems.

We, at Rustici Software, put a lot of effort into designing and implementing Runtime Web Services, an extension to SCORM that attempted to solve some specific and real problems with SCORM. We have support for RTWS in our SCORM Engine, and it works, but there are very few tools that have RTWS implementations and it’s time for a declaration.

RTWS isn’t going anywhere. It’s dead. RIP, RTWS.

And that’s OK with us. We learned some great things in working through the details of RTWS, and those insights have been rolled into the communication methods that make up the Experience API.