Everybody who’s anybody in e-learning has heard of either ‘Experience API’ or ‘Experience API’ and most of you have questions: What’s the impact on my learning design? What are some examples of real world projects? I’m sold; how do I get buy in from my boss? How do I practically get started and solve this particular problem?

xapi28tincan29meetupgraphicice2015Help is at hand!!!

At 6pm-7pm on May 18th during ATD ICE in Orlando Florida, five brave experts will band together in the Taverna Opa to chat, answer your questions and discuss solutions to your problems. You’ll chat with each expert in an informal setting during this free event at a conference you’re probably already in town for. How awesome is that?
Even more, you’ll get a free drink, hummus and pita bread courtesy of the two event sponsors, Wax LRS and Watershed LRS. That’s right: free hummus and pita bread.

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There’s 60 spots available at the time of writing. Sign up happening via Eventbrite. There’s no cost for the event, but please do let us know as soon as you know if you book but then can’t attend so we can open up the spot for somebody else.


Which experts will you meet at this Greek-appetizer-furnished event? The list is below. Each expert has a specific area of expertise they’ll be ready to talk to you about, so think about the questions you’d like to ask each one. Come prepared to share your experiences and challenges.

ali-155x155Ali Shahrazad, Saltbox
CMO at Saltbox (Makers of Wax LRS). Ali is responsible for marketing, business development, customer success, and projects at Saltbox. He’s been deeply involved in dozens of large scale xAPI customer implementations involving Wax LRS for the last 3 years.
 Ask Ali about: real world xAPI case studies.

tim-martinTim Martin, Watershed
Tim Martin is co-founder of Rustici Software, the leading provider of products and services to assist with Experience API and SCORM conformance. Today, Tim’s company is leading the world towards adoption of the Experience API. Tim defines product direction and manages operations for all branches of the organization. Under his leadership, Rustici Software received a Gold and Silver Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award for Best in Learning Technology Implementations in 2014.
Ask Tim about: Getting started, where to begin, and using xAPI to fix your problems.

russell-new-imageRussell Duhon, Saltbox
CTO at Saltbox (Makers of Wax LRS) and major contributor to the Experience API specification. Russell’s background is in the quantitative social sciences. He’s an expert in machine learning and information visualization. He helps people tackle practical problems in principled ways.
Ask Russell about: xAPI spec, data science, learning & performance analytics, oh my!

andy-whitakerAndy Whitaker, Watershed LRS
@tincandy works with Watershed customers and prospects to define their problems and imagine solutions. He helps put together a plan with the right mix of off-the-shelf products and bespoke development tasks to make those solutions a reality. He helps with building a business case and illustrating the benefits of a xAPI project over the costs.
Ask Andy about: Getting buy in from the boss.

ian_at_weejeeIan Huckabee, Weejee Learning
Ian is a digital strategist and technologist focusing on innovations in e-learning and specializes in digital and social strategy for learning as well as product and business innovation. His focus is on company-wide strategy, innovation, and key initiatives. Ian shares his thoughts on learning trends through Weejee, various blogs and publications, and through his teaching and speaking engagements.
Ask Ian about: How the xAPI enables better e-learning design
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