This week we’ll be hosting #TalkTech along with @BLPindy. This is a twitter chat that happens every Thursday from 2:00-2:30 pm CT (3:00 – 3:30 ET). Follow @projecttincan and the #TalkTech hashtag if you want to participate in the chat. Andy (@tincandy) and I (@meganbowe) will be there too. See it’s a party, why wouldn’t you want to come?
Here’s what we will be discussing, hope to see you there!
1.    What is the difference between the Experience API and SCORM?

The Experience API is often called the next generation of SCORM, what does that mean? xAPI focuses more on a person’s activities than how content is structured or the mechanisms to make it move, like SCORM does. xAPI is a paradigm shift in that it records actions as a tie between learning and performance. Content from anywhere may or may not be relevant to an interaction and xAPI can deal with either.

2.    What does xAPI mean to your role and industry?

Everyone is dealing with different challenges and very different needs to support people in their organizations. Thinking about how this could directly affect what you currently do, what’s the biggest challenge you have in tracking learning and supporting performance? How can easily sharing data about learning activities between tools make this better?

3.    Where does it create new possibilities?

xAPI enables games, mobile applications, simulations, virtual worlds, social environments and beyond to use a shared language about learning events that all of the systems can understand. There’s potential to create continuous improvement cycles for all types of training and learning experiences with xAPI data. Where does this ignite your imagination? What types of learning experiences would you like to tie to real world performance?