There are big things going on with the Experience API at mLearnCon, June 19th-21st in San Jose.

Come to xAPI Alley
Our reason, xAPI Alley. What’s that? I’m glad you asked. The eLearning Guild has set up a space for all of the early adopters of Experience API to gather at their mobile learning conference, mLearnCon. This area has been lovingly named xAPI Alley. There you will see some very innovative learning technology working together and with some more traditional technology in ways that have never been possible before.

See Amazing Experience API data
As if all of that that weren’t enough, you will be able to see real time data from those tools that, preferably, will blow your socks off (alright, it is San Jose in June… maybe we’re talking about sandals). You can view the Experience API data through a bunch of visualizations we have built for the whole group of adopters and for some specific use cases. If you can’t make it to mLearnCon, we hope to blog a few links so that you can deduce what’s happening on the ground from the visualizations. Fun, right?!

Listen to ADL
ADL, who’s stewarding Experience API, is in xAPI Alley in full force. There’s also a big ADL announcement about the Experience API and the next generation of SCORM. Altogether, it’s not to be missed.

Play With Us
If you’re in the area and want to see what’s happening, grab a free expo pass. That will get you to xAPI Alley and the expo reception and the expo hall. It wont get you much further though, so consider the full conference registration if you want to go the sessions, keynotes, ADL’s announcement. About 12 vendors with demo technology will be in the Alley for you to explore, list coming soon.

Mike, Tim, Andy, and I will be around the whole time. Come find us. If you want to talk, we really want to talk to you  (after so many years of SCORM, we’re ready for people to start wanting to talk to us). Aaron, Jono, Nik, and Andy from ADL will be around too.

Where and When
June 19-21st, 2012
The Fairmont San Jose
170 South Market Street
San Jose, CA 95113