The times are certainly changing. The Experience API is causing many organizations and products to think about how to embrace the future of e-learning, and that means re-thinking how learning systems work with the Experience API.

Mike is giving a webinar next week on just this very thing. He’ll be discussing some very important issues about xAPI and the future of e-learning:

  • The role of the LMS in this new world.
  • The role of the Learning Record Store.
  • The introduction of independent Training Delivery Services (TDSs).
  • Unexpected sources of learning activity data.
  • Measuring the business impacts of training and learning initiatives through outcome analysis.
  • Accessibility of data in and out of the enterprise.
  • Independent and specialized reporting tools for data analysis.
  • Concerns about privacy, data ownership, transparency, etc.

Please join us next Tuesday, 6/11/13, at 1:00pm Central, and bring your questions along with you. We’ll answer as many questions as we can get to, but we’ll also post a full Q&A blog after the webinar is over.

You can register for this webinar here.