It would be awesome if it were all pool parties, summer camp, ice cream, and sleep overs… It’s not.

With the big launch at mLearnCon out of the way, we’re now focusing on hitting the Fall hard. The community has been working hard on driving the spec forward. Community members have made a number of suggestions from their experience working with all of the adopters on the xAPI implementations for mLearnCon. The more people who try out xAPI, the better the spec will get. And faster, even. We all learn something from each implementation because every use case is different, this makes the spec stronger. Get involved.
This is a good time to get involved, kickoff a pilot, or start asking questions. The Fall is going to be intense with conferences and events. Let’s talk if you’re thinking about adopting or even just trying it out (admittedly, trying it could be considered a sleep over and I can see how eating ice cream could be part of that process).
Whatever you want to call your plan, I highly recommend you get started sooner rather than later. Questions are welcome, keep them coming.