We are, right now, in xAPI Alley showing everyone at mLearnCon just how much awesome stuff the Experience API can do. I didn’t want you to be left out, here are some ways you can participate from right where you are. These tools use xAPI to communicate information about what you’re doing while you’re interacting with them.

Try a few, ask questions, join the conversation #TinCanAlley

xAPI courses that can be launched

> Launch Comstar Course

> Launch DC Fundamentals Course

> Launch Green Monster Course

> Launch Exam Builder State Course

> Launch xAPI Tetris

> Launch xAPI Golf Course

> Launch the Denniston Course

xAPI Applications

> Gold Stars

> Tappestry (iPhone/iPad only)

> MapDeck

> Articulate Mobile Player (iPad only)

mLearnCon Action (Not xAPI, still interesting)

> Hashcaster

> #mLearnCon 2012 Backchannel – Curated Resources

Additional Adopters

> mLearning Synch