We really like telling stories here at Rustici. They’re a great way to help someone understand an idea in a context that they can grasp onto. Think about how a story opens up a little of your world to other people, brings them into how you think. For just a little bit we can connect on a much different level than handing over a list or reading a bullet points that have little human element to them.
Of course, people have a long history of passing on knowledge through storytelling and we want to keep that moving. The Experience API produces data that has a very narrative quality. While not finely crafted, the data can tell about real people, doing real things. In that spirit, we (and by we, I pretty much mean Jeff) put together a collection of stories about what could be possible with xAPI. These are stories written in the ideal present. Meaning that they’re written as if we had total control of everything that exists now with no barriers to making all of these things happen.
This is just a handful of examples. There’s a million ways any of these could play out. I would love to hear your stories and ideas. Add comments, build on the stories, write new ones.
Tell me a story about how xAPI can help in your ideal present.
Here are ours: