LETSI, SCORM 2, xAPIThe road to the Experience API has been a long one, and a notable part of that journey happened in 2008. Back then, LETSI (Learning Education Training Systems Interoperability) asked the e-learning community to submit their formal (and informal) thoughts about what “SCORM 2.0” should be.
The result was a large set of white papers and a lot of really important thinking. There was a lot of reflection on SCORM’s past, future, and e-learning in general. These documents are an important part of the evolution of e-learning, and are valuable to our community.
Unfortunately for all of us, LETSI’s site is no longer operational, and thus the SCORM 2.0 white papers have been unavailable.
We salvaged and archived most of them — they’ll be available as long as we are. You can find them here.
If you know of any documents that are missing, send them to us. We know they’re not all there, but we’d like for them to be.