First, a huge thanks to David Holcombe, Heidi Fisk, and everyone else at The Guild who have been so amazingly helpful in providing a platform for all of this to happen on. Another huge thanks to Dave Kelly for curating the backchannel. Finding all of the things that were made and shared at DevLearn would be impossible without him. AND he literally did this by candlelight, this is how much of a rock star Dave is.

What actually happened last week:

  • Aaron Silvers and Kris Rockwell announced AICC and ADL collaboration on xAPI and CMI-5.
  • Adopters participated in DemoFest. They showed interesting new use cases for xAPI.
  • Many, many of you came and spent time in xAPI Alley. You know what the best part about that was? We’re such a tight knit community that in the conversations you were referring people to fellow adopters for various questions. This is fantastic! When in the history of learning technology have you seen this much collaboration between vendors??
  • There were presentations, panels and ignite sessions around xAPI. The backchannel has a ton of resources to explore on that. Check out Mel Aclaro’s four part xAPI series of recordings from DevLearn

To put this in perspective, at mLearnCon 2012 there were 15 adopters of xAPI, just a couple with commercially available xAPI implementations. Six months later at DevLearn we roll in 33 adopters strong and 18 are commercially available products, tools or services. That’s mind blowing!
It was great to see all of you that I could when I wasn’t running around like a crazy person. With so many adopters and community interest we definitely have trouble keeping up with how much is going on. PLEASE reach out to us and let us know what you’re up to. If your doing a presentation, hosting an event, building something new, going commercial, and on reach out and let us know! We’re happy to get it on the calendar and on the site, we just need a heads up.
Finally, thanks to all of the adopters for bringing their A-game and thanks to everyone at DevLearn for asking the questions.