It’s happening!
We created the Watershed First program to see if we could find six innovative companies that wanted to push the boundaries of e-learning with the Watershed LRS and the Experience API.
Boy, did we find six! We had over 100 applicants, and it was difficult to pick just six.

Without further ado (and with a drumroll)…the six Watershed First participants are:

  • Catholic Relief Services
  • Devereux
  • HealthStream
  • MasterCard
  • National Health Service (UK)
  • Yum! Brands (KFC)

In the coming weeks, we’ll be talking more about what groundbreaking things these organizations are doing. We’ll also be diving deep into each project with interviews and in-depth discussions about how the Watershed LRS is using the Experience API to let these organizations learn things about themselves that were never before possible.