With the formal roll-out of version 0.95 of the Experience API spec last month, we’ve been working hard to update the tools on TinCanAPI.com. We’ve got a little more work to do, but the following are now rocking 0.95. Give them a try!
xAPI Bookmarklet
xAPI Public Statement Viewer
xAPI Statement Generator & Validator
xAPI Book Scanner Android App
The 0.9 versions of the Bookmarklet, Public Statement Viewer and Statement Generator & Validator are also still available via the italicized Note: on each respective page.
Do you have a particular xAPI tool you find yourself using more than others?  Is there a tool you feel is missing from our site? Please comment below and let us know!

Saving the Best for Last

Most exciting of all, our hosted LRS in SCORM Cloud now supports 0.95!  If you’re using a SCORM Cloud LRS, we’d love to see you begin to send 0.95 statements to your LRS endpoint.

Andy joined our team to evangelize xAPI. Now he talks to people about all of the eLearning standards all day because he is considered a “salesperson.” He’s also our office jokester – he’s a punny guy.