Who doesn’t want to make a statement? If you’re shy, I understand. Luckily, we’re all friends here. If you don’t believe me, go look at the public endpoint. There’s a lot of strange (probably made up) people making statements together there.

My point… right. We have two new seriously awesome things on the site which David, Jeff and Jaffer have been slaving over for quite a while — the Statement Generator and Statements 101. This is basically everything you need to know about xAPI statements. Statements 101 describes anatomy, details, shows examples… It’s all there.
Just getting your tool/activity to make a statement is a big step. Once you do that, I highly encourage you to dig deep into how you make the best use of context and extensions. Think about what is unique about your activity, what data would help someone else understand the bigger picture of what was going on? What makes what that person just did (in the statement) interesting?
The Statement Generator will help you make your own statements. You can put in a variety of data, create statements, and test sending them out to other endpoints. It will even validate your existing statements! Only your xAPI statements, though. There’s no way to copy your fashion statements or otherwise into that box, nor should you want to.
You’re a special snowflake. That’s validation enough, right?