Mike is doing a xAPI webinar for HR.com next week, but it’s about far more than HR. Even though you might not be remotely interested in human resources, you still want to attend this webinar. There’s a lot in it.
What’s it about?

An LRS-centric world, and introducing the TDS
It’s a deep dive into new uses of xAPI and how Learning Record Stores are reshaping learning systems. It’s an introduction to the concept of the TDS, which is a brand new idea. You won’t find what a TDS on Google, yet.
Accessibility of Data
Mike will be talking in-depth about the LRS and how it ties multiple systems together for a central reporting location. We talk about this stuff all the time, but he’ll be going much further with it in this webinar.
Sources of Learning Data
We also talk a lot about tracking real-world experiences to determine which learning activities cause desired outcomes. In this webinar, we’ll talk about which activities are the right ones to track and what this new capability really means to you.
The Role of the LMS
What does an LMS do in a xAPI world? The LMS isn’t going anywhere, but it is changing. We’ll be spending some time discussing this.
Join Mike on Monday, April 15th at 12:00 Eastern time. You can register here.