We have a treat for those who want details on how to best use statements to describe learning activities. This is going to be a very technical webinar (you can register for it here). If you’re not familiar with the xAPI specification, you might want to read over it beforehand or just have a copy handy to reference during the webinar.

Our own Brian Miller, who brings you TinCanJS, TinCanJava and other delights, will be taking you on a deep dive into the anatomy of a statement. This will be a one hour discussion that elaborates on and connects many of the details that he has written about in the deep dive series:

  • Actor/Agent

  • Verbs

  • Activity

  • Object

  • Extras/Others

  • Context

The webinar is next week on Thursday, 9/12, at 1:00pm Central time. Register here to hold a spot and get email reminders.