To Be Clear, This is Plumbing

The Experience API is plumbing. It’s not something that stands on it’s own. It’s not a thing you can buy. However, I highly recommend buying technologies that use xAPI. I would also love to help you figure out ways for your technology to use xAPI.…

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Inside Your Brain

How cool would it be if we could look inside our brains and see what we're learning and how we're learning it? But we can't do it. We can't manage learning. So what the heck are we doing with ourselves? Why are we building learning management systems and specifications…

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a guy in a tour guide t shirt with his mouth open

Welcome to

My name is Andy and I’ll be your tour guide today.  Let’s go! First stop: What is xAPI?  Here you’ll learn what the Experience API is, how it works, and why it matters. This is also where we’ll showing you who the current adopters are…

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