xAPI has been spreading internationally at an amazing speed. This month it’s become more evident than ever before. That’s partially because so many of us at Rustici Software have been on the road.

We’re a small company, less than 25 people. Everyone is in Nashville, except Ben and I. Yet, we’ve been talking to groups of people gathered in London, the Netherlands, California, and New York. We’re heading to Milan and Washington DC before the month is out.

It’s intense. Also? Really exciting.

In just a few days Mike is delivering a keynote at dConf in Milan. The event is put on by Docebo and focuses on cloud business and services. They asked for a big presence there because of the impact it will have in the space in the near future. You’ll also find Aaron Silvers doing a keynote there. If you’re in Milan, stop by! If you’re sad (along with the rest of us) that you’re anywhere but Milan, follow the hashtag for the conference #dconf or #tincanapi to keep up on the happenings.
xAPI across the world