Curatr is a social learning platform that allows companies to create a visually stunning and highly collaborative learning environment. Taking in any digital content, Curatr shapes a learners experience with an inbuilt gamification mechanism, encouraging users to contribute and curate content as they earn points and badges.
So why have they decided to integrate the Experience API?
Curatr gets learners contributing back to the learning environment like crazy. xAPI gives Curatr a game-changing opportunity to put this rich source of data to use, both for the organization and the individual.
For the organization, simple LRS integration will give them an awesome stream of rich statements that detail not just what learners do, but how they do it. Curatr learns about its participants, personalizing the experience. Curatr can then share this data with the organization to build a rich picture of what people are really great at doing.
For the individual, xAPI statements can be used as the building blocks of badges. These will be issued using the Mozilla Open Badge protocol, meaning the learner will get to take that recognition with them, forever.
This is all made possible by the Experience API.
Similar to Knowledge Guru, Curatr is another wonderful example of an application that lives outside of the LMS, but can be connected to other systems using the Experience API.
If you’ll be at DevLearn this week, come say hi to folks from Curatr in booth #617.

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