Our January webinar reviewing how eight companies are using xAPI (xAPI) has had a lot of attention. In this blog series, we refresh your memory of what each company is up to.

TES is an off-the-shelf xAPI tool that lets you track job performance — an important step in correlating training and performance. If you want to ensure your learning experiences deliver real value in your organization, then this blog is for you.

TES works to help clients capture on the job training data in order to help them measure the effectiveness of their training. To capture this data, TES has three apps:

  1. TES Observation Checklist for observing and recording on-the-job performance.
  2. TES Attendance for managing classroom training.
  3. TES Coach which facilitates on the job coaching.

TES clients are always keen to share the data collected by these apps with their other business systems; this is where xAPI comes in. Statements generated by the apps are sent to an LRS which can then be used in conjunction with data from a range of other business systems. TES will work with any LRS and provides the administrator with clear instructions on how to configure it for Watershed, Wax and Learning Locker LRSs.

Without xAPI, the data collected by the three TES Apps could be analysed by itself and generate some insight. With xAPI, this data can be combined with information from Learning Management Systems, Surveys, Business Systems and many more. This builds up a much clearer picture of the learner’s journey and leads to much more interesting analytics than would be possible from looking at the data from each source individually.

How do managers and mentors observe and coach in your organisation? Do you know how effective that observation and coaching is? Get in touch if you’d like to discuss, or even drop TES App a line and ask for a demo.

You can catch the full recorded webinar at tincanapi.com/webinar alongside the slides and Q&A.