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Author Archive

This is a follow-up blog from the amazing Sean Putman, who originally guest blogged for us in March. You can read his first post here. Huge thanks to Sean for writing up these posts to share his real world-experience with the API.

We have a working LRS! Due to other projects, progress has been a little slow. Back in May, we got a couple solid weeks of time to work on the next step of being able to see what users are doing in the software and comparing that against what an expert would have done. When we left off, we were making statements but writing them to a text file. We now have a working LRS powered by a SQL database that can store the statements as they are produced by the system. So, let’s walk through a few topics here to get you up to speed on what we have done.



I work for a software manufacturer who is looking for ways to certify our users.  Not just on written tests, but actual use of the software.  If we are going to certify the users we want to know they are following the correct process and doing it in a timely manner.  Proctored exams are a difficult thing from the man power perspective and leave a lot of room for error.  When we heard about the Experience API and started to talk about it we thought it had potential.