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Note: this is a guest blog from Richard Price, the Information Systems Manager at Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust.

In simple terms, xAPI is just a technology standard, but it’s what we can do with it which is generating the most excitement in our respective pilots! Referring to embarking on a project as a ‘journey’ might be considered a cliché, but in the case of our xAPI pilot, I think the maxim is justified.

I’ve been involved with learning technology for a number of years, working with a variety of healthcare providers to implement e-learning solutions. I first heard about xAPI in the spring of 2013 when it was in its infancy, making a tentative enquiry to Rustici Software (the creators of the Watershed LRS) as to whether we could assess the feasibility of implementing the technology in health and social care in the United Kingdom. Little did I realise at that point quite how profound the impact of my exploratory email was going to be! This blog post charts our journey with xAPI so far.NHS top 5

Thinking back to my initial request, I was quite naïve in my early expectations. I knew I wanted to track the informal learning which we didn’t capture at the time but I hadn’t given much thought about what to do with the resultant data and how it would be of benefit to learners and to organisations. xAPI potentially offers the capture of a very rich but very large set of learner activity data which through analysis can begin to map an individual’s competence and confidence in a skill.

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