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Author Archive

Note: this is a guest blog from Ellen Meiselman, who does technical strategy and analysis for the UMHS.

I work for the University of Michigan Health System, on the Learning Management Team. We run the enterprise LMS, create online learning activities for use across UMHS, and offer innovative solutions and training for educators embedded throughout the system.

Back in 2008, I attended a SCORM 2.0 requirements gathering workshop hosted by LETSI in Pensacola. My participation was driven by the hope we could improve SCORM and maybe move it toward some of the capabilities that we particularly wanted:

  • Make the LMS disappear from the user’s view where it wasn’t absolutely needed, yet track everything that needs to be tracked.
  • Open up the data inside the LMS to any application that needed to consume it using standards, so this wouldn’t be a custom project for every application.
  • Track and use demographic, role and other types of non-SCORM data for consumption by adaptive learning applications.
  • Eliminate technical limitations of SCORM, including cross-domain issues, the requirement for an open SCORM session to be present before communication could occur, and allow third party participation in tracking for use cases like mentoring and checklist-driven demos.