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xAPI in K-12

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Categories: APIs, Best Practices, Statements, Uncategorized

Posted 21 May 2013


In a classroom situation, teachers use many apps and systems to capture learning data. The problem is that most of those data sets live in different systems and different formats. xAPI makes it possible for all of those systems to report data in a normalized format, and in one system.

To prove this could really work in the real world, we worked on a project with Metryx to take 3 separate educational games/activities and send very similar statements from each. These similar statements are then picked up by a Metryx server in near real time and presented to the teacher formatted in a way that makes sense with the Common Core items with which they are associated.


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New Experiment: xAPI Draw

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Categories: Experiments, Ideas, Use Cases, xAPI

Posted 12 November 2012



This is the first of several examples that we’ll be sharing in the near future that show how to use the Experience API to do things you couldn’t easily do before. The interoperability of the emerging standard makes this all possible.

The Idea

Handwriting is a big part of a child’s education, and the new wave of touchscreen devices makes ‘handwriting’ digitally possible. Many children learn how to spell and write words using the classic letter outline and guide lines. This example takes that classic worksheet theme of a picture and word exercise and digitizes it with xAPI reporting.