Beijing Aha Cloud Educational Technology is a company that provides blended learning solutions for governments, enterprises and educational organizations in China. The core of our blended learning solutions relies on ahamojo.com, a pioneering SaaS based LMS which fully implements xAPI/CMI-5 specifications. Ahamojo.com is a complex…

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The Agylia LMS is a powerful learning platform with mobile, social and microlearning features that fully support the latest Experience API (xAPI) standard. The Agylia LMS has an in-built Learning Record Store (LRD) that supports xAPI. This opens up a wide range of offline mobile…

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PlayerLync is a modern learning and performance support solution that incorporates content viewing, digital forms, content management, collaboration, messaging, daily operations tasking and reporting into one universal solution. Elegantly move or capture video content onto mobile devices efficiently, securely and without the need for user…

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Peregrine Performance Group

Peregrine Performance Group (PPG) provides workforce performance improvement consulting and programs. We design, develop, and implement training, performance support, and other performance related solutions that help our clients meet their workforce performance related goals. JobAider is an app for creating and using job aids. As…

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NetExam is a leading LMS provider that has implemented xAPI in the below ways. They've also enabled SCORM to xAPI. Social Learning Subscribing to a Topic Submitting a resource to a topic Rating a resource (likes/dislikes) Connecting with a peer Informal Learning Tracking via mobile…

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xAPI Apps makes starting your xAPI project simple. In minutes you can connect your favorite apps and start creating and delivering xAPI-driven learning experiences.

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FocalCXM’s StoryPulse

FocalCXM's StoryPulse is an Enterprise Grade Assessment Platform. It leverages Games and Gamification mechanics to make assessments and interactions with content fun and engaging on all form factors. From an Analytics perspective, it uses xAPI/Experience API standard to track and analyze user experiences on the…

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The edTotal Learning Record Store is a learning and activity record repository which tracks activities and reports activities from any device. Your organization and your partners: Are better trained and prepared Are more knowledgeable Perform with greater accuracy Respond faster Operate more safely

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iWork Tech

iWork Technologies develops innovative SAAS and Mobile applications to support distributed learning experiences. Their learning framework is based on gaming mechanics that help participants compete and earn badges for their achievements. They follow a nonlinear learning path that encourages community participation and helps users explore…

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Mine de Savoirs

Mine de Savoirs has its own web-app, Mrod! It is the army knife of digital learning. You can create, share and animate all sort of educational activities. Each activity is precisely monitored with the integrated LRS, and fully compatible with xAPI/xAPI.

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