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Big mLearnCon Thanks

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Categories: Adopters, Events

Posted 22 June 2012


We all just had an amazing experience at mLearnCon. Seriously. Mind blowing.

Open, excited people came together around xAPI and had some really forward thinking, industry changing conversations. None of this would have been possible without the efforts of everyone at the eLearning Guild, especially Brent, David, and Heidi. They created a space that no one else could have. Thanks to ADL for pushing and pulling xAPI into the spotlight.

Thanks to the adopters, you all worked so hard. You made the show worth watching. Thanks to everyone at mLearnCon for playing. Curious (not furious) minds delighted me in every conversation that took place. Talking about specs isn’t always fun or easy, every single person who touched this increased the levels of awesome. Thank you.

  • Eric Johnson

    It was great to hang out in xAPI Alley and talk to folks, or just listen and learn. Thanks!