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Get started with the Experience API

We want to help you with the Experience API. If you want to build with the API on your own, check out the Developers’ section of this page. You’ll find some very helpful information there.

Our position and history with the Experience API also means that we are better suited to help you with the Experience API than anyone else. The Experience API is free and community driven, but conforming to e-learning standards isn’t easy and they’re constantly evolving. We’ve been integrating standards for a decade, and we’re the best at it. A massive part of the industry relies on our products to conform to e-learning standards.

We’ve used all of our experience to bake the Experience API into our products. What often takes years to accomplish, we can make happen in about a month. If you want your own Learning Record Store in your LMS, a standalone Learning Record Store, a hosted Learning Record Store, to create xAPI activities, or just to test your xAPI activities in our hosted LRS, then you’re in the right place.

So. How can we help you?

Get a locally
installed LRS

Learn More

  • Add an LRS to an LMS
  • Get a standalone LRS
  • Remain in complete control of your system

Get a hosted LRS

Learn More

  • Quick to get started
  • Versatility of the Cloud
  • Already integrated with popular apps (WordPress, Google Apps, etc.)
  • Automatic updates
  • Test your xAPI activities

Create xAPI

Learn More

  • Activities that generate xAPI statements
  • Reduces complexity
  • Works with any content

Ask anything. Really.

The Experience API is our baby. We care about it deeply. People love to talk about their babies, and we’re no different. Whether you want help adopting the standard on your own, have questions about how we can help you, or just want to make suggestions/contributions to the API, get in touch with us. We can’t wait to talk to you.