SCORM vs xAPI (The Experience API)

SCORM is the most widely used e-learning standard. If an LMS is SCORM conformant, then it can play any SCORM content, and conversely any SCORM content can be played in any SCORM conformant LMS. This interoperability makes everybody happy, and saves everyone a lot of time and money.

SCORM has served us well, but it really doesn’t capture the entire picture of e-learning.

Learning is happening everywhere, not just in traditional SCORM courses inside traditional LMSs. The Experience API lets you record any learning experience, wherever and however it happens. The Experience API gives you the ability to see the whole picture.

“But I have all of this SCORM content…is it useless now?”

No, it’s not. It’s easy to make SCORM content work in a xAPI system.

So what are the differences between SCORM and the Experience API? The chart below sums it up pretty well.



Track completion
Track time
Track pass/fail
Report a single score
Report multiple scores
Detailed test results
No LMS required
No internet browser required
Keep complete control over your content
No cross-domain limitation
Use mobile apps for learning
Platform transition (i.e. computer to mobile)
Track serious games
Track simulations
Track informal learning
Track real-world performance
Track offline learning
Track interactive learning
Track adaptive learning
Track blended learning
Track long-term learning
Track team-based learning

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