Want to be featured as an xAPI adopter?

Our xAPI Adopter List features eLearning software and applications that support xAPI. It’s purpose is to provide a useful directory for people looking for an xAPI conformant product or some xAPI related services for their organization. If you’re a vendor that’s working with the Experience API, we’d love to get you added. If you have multiple products or services that support xAPI, feel free to submit them to us individually. We’re happy to feature them each uniquely.

Here’s what we need to get started:

  • Your contact information
  • Your company name and application
  • The product category you’d like to be associated with
  • A blurb about your application and how it uses xAPI
  • The link you’d like us to direct folks to from your listing

Once we receive your request, we’ll correspond with you to gather all the necessary info to complete your listing and set up some time to see your product in action.

Are you a brand-new adopter who wants to be added or do you have an existing entry that needs to be updated?

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