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Our learners learn best when they apply their learning, and guess what, learning designers learn best when they apply their learning too! This page is an activity for you to put the material in this section into practice and design a pilot project.

1. Choose your pilot

We’ve outlined four possible pilot projects that you could run in your organization. Go take a look, and choose the pilot that’s the most feasible and will have the biggest impact in your organization. Once you’ve chosen, spend some time fleshing out the design for that pilot in your organization. What will it look like in practice?

2. Identify experiences and data to be tracked

Next, work through the different learning experiences in the pilot you’ve designed. What individual experiences make up that pilot? What data will you capture? Note that you can think about different types of experiences all together. For example, in an e-learning course, you don’t need to plan for each slide individually unless there is something special about a particular slide, but you might consider tracking for slides in general.

Remember to follow the guidance on the statement design page and consider any recipes that might be relevant.

3. Design statements

For each of the experiences you identified, copy the left hand column of the statement structure table on the statement design page and blank the middle and right-hand columns. List the data you identified as needing to track against the relevant part of the statement in the middle column. Record your design considerations in the right hand column (use the questions in the right hand column of the table on the statement design page as prompts).

For example, below is the actor row for the experience of scanning a QR code.

Actor Learner’s name The individual person who scanned the QR code.
Identified by LMS login.

That’s it! Great job! You’ve completed a design for your statements that a developer could work with to build out statements and implement your design.

Next steps

Completing this activity has given you practice at designing statements and has taken you a step closer to implementing a xAPI pilot in your organization. If you’ve got development skills yourself or can find resources to get somebody who has, why don’t you have a go at implementing it?

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