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The most common question we get asked about the Experience API is “How do I get started?” This question comes from vendors wanting to implement xAPI in their products, and from organizations wanting to transform the experiences of their learners. If you’re ready to use xAPI and just want to get going, this section of the site is for you! If you want to understand more about what xAPI is and what it does first, then you might want to go back and look at the overview.

To get started, choose one of the options below and start exploring. You can access all of these from the Get Started menu from any page of the site.

Get started in my product

This section is for product vendors. Here you’ll find practical information about how to design and code your implementation of xAPI within your product. Read more.

Get started in my organization

This section is for organizations looking to use xAPI with their learners. You’ll be taken through the different elements that make up a xAPI implementation in an organization and get help with writing an RFP and finding products. Read more.

Get started in my content

This section is for content vendors. You’ll find out how to start using xAPI in your e-learning courses and how xAPI enables you to more easily provide the more interesting learning interventions you want to give your clients. Read more.

See it working

Want to see it with your own eyes or give your boss a demo? This section includes live examples and links to real world products you can try. Read more.

Get an LRS

Whatever you plan to do with xAPI you’ll need an LRS. This page guides you through the considerations you’ll need to make when choosing one. Read more.

Run a pilot

Often you need to start small and prove the concept. This page gives tips and guidance on how to set up a small pilot in your organization. Read more.

Move on from SCORM

Many organizations have existing collections of SCORM courses that are useful to their learners. This section helps you get from where you are today to the new world of xAPI. Read more.

What’s next?

This Get Started section has covered the basics of getting started with xAPI in your product or organization. If you’ve got budget and are buying everything you need for your xAPI project, the links above should have given you everything you need.

If you’re planning to create your own solutions, the design and write code sections are where you need to go next.

Need more help?

Perhaps you’ve read all the resources on this page and you’re still feeling a bit stuck?
If so, we’d love to help by answering your questions. We can even offer consultancy services if you need more substantial support.

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